5 Trendy Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe This Fall

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The start of a new season brings a great opportunity to add fresh new colors to your wardrobe. According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report, earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns are the shades that you need to wear to be in-style this season. Leave behind the navy, black, and gray tones, and opt for hues such as teal, golden yellow, and burnt orange to add a pop of color to your fall ensemble. Find out below how to refresh your closet with these five autumn hues, plus tips to make the colors work for you.

Olive Green

This type of dark green — formally called Dried Herb — is a very organic, earthy color that works just like a neutral, since it matches everything. If you’re trying out a new shade this season, start with this green for an easy style upgrade without going overboard. How do you wear it? The possibilities are endless. Get a bomber jacket and style it with black trousers and a grey sweater. Another option is wearing your bomber jacket over a suit to help balance the look. Separates you can get in this color are: chinos, desert boots, button down shirts, a fitted blazer, and cashmere sweaters. Like I said before, this green works with everything.


Earth tones are the easiest colors to wear. Camel is not the most interesting of the pack, but when style against off-white, beige, tan, khaki, and cream it makes your entire look more refined. Team a camel coat with an off white dress shirt, tan tie, and finish the look with beige tailored suit. You can accessorize a predominantly camel ensemble with shades of burgundy, teal, or olive green.


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Every time you wear this blue-green shade it will remind you of summer. It inspires thoughts of the ocean and takes you to a relaxing, inviting place. Biscay Bay — what it’s called by Pantone — adds coolness to warm undertones, and a subtle touch to olive green and greenish-grays. Wear it head-to-toe for a lush and elegant ensemble.

Warm yellow

This warm, comforting shade of yellow is often found in nature at this time of year. Combine it with blue-green gray shades (Desert Sage and Stormy Weather) for a look inspired by the flora and fauna of Fall. Also, this golden-yellow color works great as a statement piece for your cold-weather outfits. A t-shirt in this color under a black leather jacket, and styled with black jeans and white sneakers looks great for a night on the town. For the office, you can wear a golden-yellow blazer, cardigan, or vest with a white button down shirt, a tie, and grey trousers to keep the look professional, but not boring.

Burnt orange

You can’t get much more autumnal than wearing this bold color. Burn orange is versatile enough that you can wear by itself either by donning an overcoat, jacket or trousers in this shade. But it also mixes well with patterns, and other hues such as navy and classic neutrals like brown, black and gray.

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