5 Types of Winter Clothing You Can Wear in the Spring

March 20 marks the first official day of spring, but just because the calendar says it’s spring doesn’t mean the weather will cooperate. But as it does start to gradually get warmer, it can be hard to transition your clothes from one season to another. We’re sure you’re incredibly anxious to purchase some lighter-weight clothing to take your wardrobe into spring, but let’s face reality: It’s probably not going to be warm for some time yet. It’s best to keep your winter clothes in your rotation and slowly start to add more and more spring-savvy pieces as the weather becomes warmer and warmer. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your winter clothes.

Remember, when it comes to transitional wear, layering is key. It is one of the best ways to adjust quickly to fluctuations in temperature. Not to mention that layering adds depth, texture, and individuality to an outfit. Adhere to this one rule when layering: thin to thick. In other words, the pieces you layer together should get thicker as you progress outward.

To help you get through the transition from winter to spring, we’ve compiled a list of five winter items that you can still get some use out of.

1. A camel coat

a camel coat

Camel Coat | Source: H&M

This has been a favorite of ours since autumn, and its earthy tone couldn’t be more spring appropriate. You can wear this versatile coat over casual outfits, like a pair of slim-fitting jeans, or over a formal suit. We’re certain this universally flattering coat will be one of the last of your winter items that will be packed away until next fall. Another plus for keeping your camel coat in your spring wardrobe rotation — its earthy tone is majorly in for spring, says GQ.

2. Gilet or vest

Your gilet is one of the easiest ways to show the world you’re ready for spring, but you’re not so crazy as to think it’s actually warm out yet. For spring, throw a vest over your layered crew neck grey sweatshirt and go about your day. If it gets too warm, simply remove the gilet. At least it’s easier to carry around than a jacket.

3. Military parka

military parka

Military Parka | Source: American Eagle Outfitters

This past season’s essential, notably in green, maintains that perfect earthy tone for spring. Whether it’s slightly padded or you own a thinner cotton version or one with a quilted nylon fabric shell, this coat is a great casual outerwear alternative for when you don’t want to wear your camel coat. Plus, it will be easier to transition into an MA-1 bomber (one of the hottest menswear jackets for spring) when it gets much warmer.

4. Crew neck sweaters

Consider your winter crew neck sweaters to be your best, reliable friend that’s with you until the very end … of the season. That’s right, your wool winter crew necks will serve as that perfect outer layer over, say, a chambray button down, which you can take off if it gets too warm outside. Bonus points: If the sweater is thin enough, you can even tie it slightly below your waist.

5. Joggers

Men's joggers

Joggers | Source: Nordstrom

One of the best pieces to wear anywhere and everywhere is a pair of joggers. They were huge this past autumn/winter season, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue to rock these comfortable pants until it gets too hot to wear them.

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