5 Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer

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Here’s how to make your razor last longer | iStock.com

If you haven’t embraced a full beard, chances are you shave everyday, and most likely with a disposable razor blade. While they’re very convenient, they also give off the illusion that they’re the cheaper option to an electric shaver, which can be a little pricey, especially if you opt for one that is hi-tech and top of the line. But think about it this way: A disposable pack of eight razor cartridges can run you anywhere from $20 to $25 a pack, and you’re probably going through two a month at the very least. It might not seem like much now, but all of those little expenses can add up. If you calculate the cost of your yearly razor cartridge purchases, you could probably buy an electric shaver that will not only last you longer, but also have easier maintenance.

However, if you’re set on sticking with your disposables, we’re here to let you in on a little secret: There’s a way to prolong the life of your blades and save some money. Here are five tips on how to get a few more shaves out of your disposables.

1. Get this product

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Man wiping his face dry | iStock.com

This is the priciest solution on this list, but it’s one that will save you some money on blades in the long run. Razorpit is a well kept secret to keeping your blades sharp and it’s incredibly simple to use. It’s a little pad that looks more like an iPhone than anything else, and it uses the same technology barbers have been using for decades to keep their razors sharp and clean.

Simply place a small amount of shaving cream or soap on the pad and press firmly in the opposite direction that you shave, which is up. Do this five or six times and then voila, you have a very clean razor blade that can last you months longer. That’s a significantly longer amount of time than the week or two at best that you’ll get out of your current unclean, dirty blades. You really can’t go wrong with this clever little contraption.

2. Prep your face properly

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Man paying special attention to his face | iStock.com

Properly prepping your face for a shave can do wonders in making your blades last. Ask Men suggests placing a hot towel over your face to soften your skin and open you pores. Doing this weakens your hair follicles against the whisk of the blade. Next, make sure you get your hands on a quality shave cream and shave brush. With a shave brush you’ll end up using less shaving cream, plus the bristles of the brush further prep your skin for your blade. Sure, you may have to spend a little on a brush, but it’s a solid long term investment for the sake of your blades.

Another face prep that multitasks is pre-shave oil, which is designed to give your skin an extra layer of protection from the blade prior to using shaving cream. It will prevent any skin irritation or razor burn and allow the blade to glide easier over your skin. Just be sure to look for a beard oil that is made of all-natural ingredients, and with a thinner consistency because a thicker oil can clog the razor and create a whole new host of problems.

3. Rub the blade backwards

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There’s always those unconventional, yet very effective approaches in extending the life of your products. Lifehacker suggests something so simple that we’re surprised we haven’t heard this one before: Next time your blade starts to dull, try rubbing it backwards on your skin, or more safely on a pair of jeans. Make sure to do this when the razor is dry.

4. Clean the blade right away and dry it

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Most men know that proper blade maintenance means washing the blade after you’re done using it, but very few know just how important it is to dry your blades after shaving, especially in extending the life of the blade. One of the biggest reasons why blades dull quickly is from oxidation and microscopic rusting, rather than constant contact with your follicles. Water that lingers on the blades in-between your daily shaves is what causes this oxidation. It’s also what causes pulling and painful tearing instead of cleanly slicing your whiskers. Of course, this all makes you reach for another blade cartridge. So, extend the life of your blade by towel drying it after use, and for extra care, be sure to store it mineral oil.

5. Give your face a shave break

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If you’re very lazy and just don’t want to deal with the blade situation everyday — take breaks in-between shaving. Both your skin and your wallet will benefit, and not to mention, the ladies will be loving that stubble you’re rocking. In fact, according to a 2013 Australian study, the most attractive beard length is “heavy stubble,” which comes after about 10 days of growth. Take that razor blades.