5 Ways to Rock This Season’s Hottest Item: The Denim Jacket

RRL Kenney denim jacket

Source: Ralph Lauren

The denim jacket is both iconic and versatile. Interestingly, the popular piece has always been a little bit on the outskirts of fashion: It’s never really gone out of style, but it’s always been viewed as slightly unfashionable. That said, the denim jacket has stood the test of time. Many pinpoint the origin of the denim jacket to the late 1800s, citing Levi Strauss, the Denim Dad himself, as the originator. The aforementioned “working blouse” was basically the denim jacket in its embryonic state — it has now grown and matured into an American icon.

Its rugged, all-American, working class, wild west history means that it will always be a classic piece, and one that you should certainly have in your closet. The denim jacket continues to branch out to fit all types of gentlemen with different styles.

Today, the trucker jacket is popping up on some of the most fashionable and famous men, with GQ touting the jean jacket as the “new cardigan”. And that’s a pretty bold statement for GQ to make.

Here are five ways to wear this season’s hottest item.

1. Button it to your neck

This look has been seen on soccer star and style master David Beckham. Simply wear your jean jacket over a T-shirt and button the jacket up to your neck, leaving the bottom undone. You can layer it with a thicker cardigan on top when the weather gets a little more chilly. This look was nabbed from L.A. street kids.

2. Double the denim

This look has been seen on Double-O-Seven himself, Daniel Craig. Start with a T-shirt or shirt base. Wear your denim jacket on top, and then on top of that, a denim overcoat for an interesting, fashion-forward look.

3. Leave it loose

Music star Usher wears his denim opened and layered in a smart, non-bulky way. This look is not only stylish, but it adds degrees of warmth under an overcoat. Wear a T-shirt as a base, your jean jacket on top, and another layer above a larger semi-thick cardigan, and top it all off with an overcoat.

4. Denim on the top and bottom

This look has been seen on self-proclaimed style god Kanye West, who demonstrates that you can definitely pair a denim jacket with jeans, as long as you wear two different shades of washed-out denim. Also, layer on top with a suit-ready trench coat.

5. Jean under layer

Displayed perfectly on pop guitarist-turned folk rocker John Mayer is the jean button shirt underneath a denim jacket, paired with a washed-out looking pair of jeans.

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