5 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

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Tired of wearing blue jeans? Put yours back in your closet and give black jeans a chance. This classic piece can be worn casually with a T-shirt or with a dress shirt and blazer at the office. They are extremely versatile and add a cool, effortless vibe to your outfits. Here are five ways to wear black jeans for every occasion.

1. Casually monochrome

Source: Nordstrom

Source: Nordstrom

Dressing monochromatically is perfect for guys who want quick, effortless style. To make this look work, wear a black crew-neck T-shirt with black skinny jeans, and accessorize with a black fedora and combat boots. You’ll look tough yet on-trend.

2. At the office

All Black Office Style

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Dress like a power player by mixing an all-black color palette with a pattern. Team black jeans with a black patterned dress shirt, choosing a small, muted pattern such as stripes, dots, or checks. Add a black sports jacket and black Chelsea boots for a smart-casual look that takes just a few seconds to put together.

3. Off-duty style

Source: Stay Classic

Source: Stay Classic

Styling black jeans with a chambray shirt helps create an easy-to-wear, everyday look. It’s a great go-to outfit for weekend activities such as going to brunch, seeing a movie, or visiting the park. Pull this look off by wearing your black jeans with a denim shirt, and then layer a gray sweatshirt on top. Add brown leather chukka boots, and finish with simple accessories like a hat, watch, and glass to add interest to the otherwise simple look.

4. Date night

Date Outfit

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Dress with confidence by wearing your black jeans with a white, crisp shirt and a sweater or cardigan layered on top. The dress shirt and sweater have to fit you perfectly to get this look right. Team this up with white canvas sneakers and a gray cotton jacket for a casual outing. If your occasion is more formal, exchange the sneakers for black penny loafers and add a tie to the dress shirt.

5. Lazy Sunday

Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux

When you’re doing errands or checking out a new brewery, you probably don’t want to put on a ton of heavy clothes. Combine slim-fitting black jeans with a black hoodie and black sneakers to look put together fast. With this look, you’ll be the coolest guy wherever you decide to spend your Sunday.

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