5 Ways to Wear Egg on Your Face

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‘Tis the season for spiked holiday eggnog — and egg-spiked skincare. It turns out the incredible, edible egg isn’t just made for good eats (and drinks). It’s an indulgence that you’ll definitely want to add to your grooming regimen.

Whipped egg white masks with lemon and honey are nothing new; the make-at-home facial tightens pores and brightens the complexion. But, there are a host of non-DIY skincare essentials that package the power of the egg, which is perfect for those of you who prefer to keep your grooming routine out of the kitchen

So, scramble those egg whites for breakfast instead. With these products, you’ll look quite good with egg on your face, if we do say so ourselves.

1. Perricone MD OVM

Source: Perricone MD

Source: Perricone MD

Board-certified dermatologist and healthy aging expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone brings the power of science to Perricone MD OVM, which is formulated with Bio-matrix technology from eggshell membrane. A powerful anti-aging compound, the protective membrane lining between the shell and the white contains nutrients, amino acid-packed protein fibers, and peptides that rejuvenate and restore skin. Lest we venture too scientific, the main thing you need to know is that this potion reportedly delivers notable results after four weeks, increasing the appearance of skin’s volume, cushion, and firmness for an all-around anti-aging effect.

2. Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack

Source: Too Cool for School

Source: Too Cool For School

The Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack may remind you of shaving cream — or a meringue pie — but what really matters is that the whipped, foamy facial mask packs the power of both the whites and the yolks to positively transform rough, dull skin, which is especially perfect for winter’s colder, dry weather. Egg white extract purifies and brightens, while egg yolk extract leaves skin hydrated and smooth. Massage into your face, then rinse after 10 minutes. A Korean brand, Too Cool For School doesn’t play by the standard rule book, instead cultivating innovative products and unique grooming experiences while working with a diverse community of artists. No better way to wear egg on your face. There’s also an Egg Mousse Soap Facial Cleanser, if you so desire.

3. Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser

Source: Mizon

Source: Mizon

As if Too Cool For School wasn’t enough, another Korean brand schools us on how to look better than ever with huevos. Whip up your morning routine with Mizon’s Egg White Bubble Cleanser. Yes, it’s a bit quirky, but the rich, whipped cream-like consistency will win you over with its soft, creamy lather. Formulated with 3,200 milligrams of egg-white extract plus the associated AHAs and enzymes, it provides daily exfoliation while controlling oil production and increasing firmness and elasticity. The cleanser is also free of parabens, artificial dyes, ethanol, and benzophenone.

4. Holika Holika Egg Soap

Source: Holika Holika

Source: Holika Holika

One more Korean brand for the win, Holika Holika pays ultimate homage to the egg in this kitschy carton of egg treatment soaps. The four varieties include White Egg Soap for tightening the pores; Green Tea Egg Soap for moisturizing and enriching skin; Charcoal Egg Soap to draw out excessive oil; and Red Clay Egg Soap to remove dirt while exfoliating.

5. Victoria Lanolin Agg-Tval Egg White Facial Soap

Source: Victoria Lanolin

Source: Victoria Lanolin

The Swiss rather than the Koreans are responsible for the Victoria Lanolin Agg-Tval Egg White Facial Soap that’s been a staple on bathroom sinks since the early 1900s. Crafted with egg white, lanolin, and rosewater, the vintage-inspired soap isn’t just a pretty face on your counter. It tightens pores and scrubs away oil effectively, proving that sometimes the simplest things really are the best.

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