6 Best Grooming Products You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Does your current grooming routine frustrate you? Do you sometimes feel as if the products you have been using for years are not nearly as effective as they used to be? Perhaps your skin, hair, or environment has changed and now you need something new. There are so many great products you probably aren’t aware of that you really need to try. Some of them are new to the market, and others have been out for a little while, but might not be on your radar — until now, that is.

1. ESPA Men Age Rebel Eye Hydrator

Source: ESPA Men

Source: ESPA Men

ESPA Men Age Rebel Eye Hydrator has perhaps the most masculine name ever. And rightfully so because it is a pretty tough product. Containing Neroli, Borage, and Ginkgo Biloba, it does everything you need and want your eye product to do from minimizing puffiness and dark circles to protecting the area from visible signs of aging.

2. Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar

Drunk Elephant’s Juju Bar is a great multi-tasker, cleansing, exfoliating, and healing your skin. This cleanser has a pH-level of 6.34, which means it will sufficiently clean your skin without stripping or drying it. Over time, you will notice your face is brighter and clearer, and your pores are less visible. It’s also soap-free and fragrance-free. And isn’t it fun to say JuJu Bar? The Drunk Elephant line (effective products, unforgettable name) has been around since 2012 and recently became available at Sephora.

3. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths


Source: Ban

There are certain things dudes do that we don’t want to discuss, such as skipping that post-workout shower. And that can be your secret, as long as you are equipped with Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths. These powerful little towlettes are designed to leave your skin feeling nice and smooth, but more importantly, not sticky because aren’t you already sticky enough? Get a whiff of their the new Energize scent, a refreshing citrus smell. These body cloths are destined to become your new favorite gym bag staple.

4. Clarisonic for Men

You might know about Clarisonic from the ladies in your life. If you’ve ever seen that little cleansing/exfoliating brush gadget in her bathroom and wondered what it felt like, you don’t have to anymore because men just got their very own. The Clarisonic For Men Cleansing Kit was engineered specifically for men’s skin, which is thicker than women’s skin and because sneaking off and using someone else’s Clarisonic is kind of gross. While this is a great tool for all men, if you have a beard, this is a must-have because the patented brush head removes sebum, dead skin, and surface-level pigmentation. Exfoliating before you shave leaves your skin smoother and softer.

5. Nios Shield Whipped Hair Gel

Source: Nios Shield

Source: Nios Shield

What is Nios Shield Whipped Hair Gel and where has it been all of your life? If your hair gets dried out from the sun or the color just looks bleached after being outside and playing volley ball, hiking, surfing, etc, this product provides a perfect solution to your problem. It is one of the only hair gels have actual SPF 15 sunscreen as an ingredient. Additionally, it contains argan oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5 to make sure your hair won’t dry out, but will hold all day long.

6. Verb Ghost

Verb is a one of my favorite new hair product lines. Recently launched at Sephora, it’s incredibly affordable because everything they make costs around $14. Once you try it, you’ll want to hold on to their Ghost Hairspray because it actually moisturizes your hair instead of drying it out. Containing Moringa oil to defrizz as well as pro-vitamin B5, this weightless spray provides a medium hold.

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