6 Biggest Fashion Do’s and Don’ts This Season

With spring (hopefully) just around the corner, men everywhere are starting to break out some of their warm weather clothes. However, with fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather, dressing for spring can be a challenge  particularly when you’re trying to incorporate trends into your daily look. To help you figure out this season’s do’s and don’ts, we’ve sorted through the biggest trends for the spring/summer 2016 season. Remember, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it.

Do wear a bomber jacket

bomber jacket

Source: Macy’s

When we say that bomber jackets are everywhere, it’s because they’re everywhere, often coming in a variety of newer hues and materials that really modernize the MA-1 classic 50’s bomber look.  Our consummate favorite is military green. Incredibly versatile and lightweight, it will keep you looking cool, casual, and comfortable all season long.

Don’t wear short shorts

The Trend Spotter notes that designers like Gucci and Prada brought back the short shorts of yore in a range of colors and patterns. While some may see them as great for those late spring/early summer days, go ahead and put your own spin on this trend by opting for more tailored styles in darker more subtle hues and pairing with an easy oxford button down.

Do wear a suede jacket

suede jacket

Source: Nordstrom

The suede jacket can be worn with a wide variety of items. In addition, our favorite jackets for the season — moto, bombers, overshirts that function as jackets, western styles, and even blazers — can all be worn in a suede fabric. This means you don’t have to default to your leather jackets, linen blazers, and sports jackets when it gets warmer. Any one of these jackets look great in suede earthy tones like shades of brown, rustic red, evergreen, khaki, and shades of blue. Simply opt for a tailored fit in any of those styles, and look for a length that falls just below your waist.

Before you wear your suede jacket outside, check the weather and pre-treat your jacket with a fabric protector; the elements can put your suede jacket at risk (especially those April showers).

Don’t wear overalls

Old MacDonald is begging you not to steal his style. Though we hate to admit this, while the right man can pull off overalls  see blogger Alexander Liang’s take on the style  it’s an unrealistic look for many men. Plus, you’re bound to garner some strange looks as you walk down the street.

Do wear a Cuban collar shirt

cuban shirt

Source: Asos

To celebrate America’s renewed relationship with Cuba, why not celebrate by wearing a Cuban collar shirt? They’re a great alternative to a short-sleeved linen oxford shirt. We have to admit, this style is a pretty cool variation that’s distinguished by its open, notch lapel collar. While you’re free to choose a color that best suits you, fit is very important: If you opt for one that’s too tight, you risk looking like Tony Montana and if you opt for one too loose, it may come off looking like a blouse. Look for one that’s not so tight that it hugs your biceps and please steer clear of pairing it with gold chains and chest hair.

Do invest in Yeezy

Since no one can seem to get enough of Kanye, we’re thinking we need some Yeezy anything in our lives for spring. His Adidas Boost 350 Black can soon be found at big box stores like Finish Line, Foot Locker, and Champs, but they’ll go incredibly fast. The only way you may be able to claim a pair is to get in line right now (kidding), through raffles, or on eBay. Either way, we predict they’re going to continue to be the hottest kicks for spring.

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