6 Candles Every Stylish Man Needs to Have

Sure, you could spend hours completely redecorating your house and invest a ton of money in decor, artwork, and creating ambiance. Or you could just, you know, buy a candle. Adding some handsome, masculine candles is a no-effort way to add ambiance and beautiful scents to your home and — bonus! — women will really notice the difference.

1. Rewined Candles, $28-45


Source: Olivia James Photography

Charleston is a’calling, and beckoning with swoon-worthy candles. This South Carolina-based candle company (which now offers an equally seductive line of artisan vino-scented soap, which will really set the mood for a good night, just give it a whirl and be hooked) offers up crowd-pleasing scents like the masculine-smelling pinot noir. This earthy complex wine mimics the ground that gives birth to it with fresh fig and cranberry, rooted by the rustic aromas of leather and violet finishing with hints of musky earth tones. Regardless of where you light it, you might as well be sitting in an easy chair at your favorite cigar lounge.

Merlot fan? Clink your glasses and ignite a flame to their Merlot candle which is a medium bodied varietal with bold aromas of ​violet and rose captivating your nose. Pick up the notes of ripe pomegranate and plum followed by a smooth vanilla finish as you dig into that steak dinner (and score serious brownie points with the lady). Made from premium natural soy wax, these candles are housed in a repurposed wine bottle and burn for up to 80 hours. And yes, they pair well with cheese. But even better with wine and a good Netflix marathon.

2. Barr-Co. Apothecary Candles, $30-32

Packed in handsome jars, these soy and vegetable-based candles burn for up to 120 hours and contain plant extracts and soothing botanicals (and no parabens or petrochemicals, hoorah!). Fir and grapefruit, blood orange amber, and watercress mint are all potent, enticing scents that add lushness and refreshment to any room.

3. Goodlight Natural Candles Eucalyptus Citrus, $4.99


Source: GoodLight Natural Candles

These handy tins are great to scatter throughout your house, or even to set the mood on your patio when warmer evenings call for al fresco dining (Goodlight’s bug repellent outdoor candle comes in handy then, too, $7.99). These paraffin free, non-toxic candles made with 100% palm wax, cotton wicks, and blends of essential and botanical oils are well worth stocking up in bulk (trust us), and if there’s any leftover wax or wick after burning you can even compost it. It might be small, but this handsome scent burns for up to 15 hours and is available nationwide (along with other scents) at Whole Foods Markets, Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage, Pharmaca, co-ops, and other locations.

4. Illume Pillar Candles, $20.25-$36

These sturdy-looking candles burn from 90 to up to 165 hours (based on the size) and are made from a vegetable-parrafin wax blend. Blackberry absinthe? Balsam and cedar? Cactus verde? Giddy up, covering up that Friday night gym stank before the crew comes over. Pro-tip: These refined candles also double as a great gift for all those awkward “meeting the family and no clue what their decor style is” moments life throws at you.

5. Mine Design Chalkboard Candles, $24


Source: Mine Design

Repeat after us: Chicks will dig this. These candles allow you to leave little sweet nothings in chalk to your loved one (OK, or roommate) and give you approximately 40-50 hours of burn time. Available fragrances include heirloom, kadota leather, lemongrass, belgian berry, persian fig, vanilla fig, parklands, azure sea salt, and blood orange and bourbon. Erase your messages once a week and give the chalk reins to your spouse so you each have the chance to get creative.

6. Bacon Candle, Yankee Candle Company, $39.99

Mmmm…bacon. I mean, do we need to say more? The savory smell blows a steady stream of pork-y delight for up to 150 hours. Vegetarians, step aside. Maybe a soy bacon rendition is in the pipeline. But for now, enjoy this true-to-reality scent and be sure not to burn it when you’re hungry, and the grocery store is closed.

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