6 Fashion Trends That Make Absolutely No Sense

Since fashion is a form of self-expression, many people create individualized looks that are creative and break the rules. Sometimes, this results in a look that is awesomely unique. Other times, it results in a style disaster. We know you may be tempted to try all fashion trends, but we encourage you to be selective. You can start by avoiding these six trends, which truly make no sense — both functionally and style-wise.

1. Overalls

Overalls are one of the worst fashion trends

Overalls are one of the worst fashion trends | Source: Walmart

When men wear this odd fashion choice, it makes you wonder — why? They’re not suitable for business wear, and if you’re going for something comfy, the athleisure look is a much better option. If you’re going to wear denim, our recommendation would be throwing on a pair of jeans instead.

2. Shutter shades

Shutter shades were made popular thanks to Kanye West. And they’re so impractical, they’ve got us scratching our heads. The biggest problem: You can’t see out of them. Let’s just say this trend didn’t last very long.

3. Cargo pants and shorts

A huge trend in the ’90s is making a comeback — only with pockets not nearly as large as they used to be and the pant more fitted. This trend made absolutely no sense – there’s no reason to walk around with pants that you can store all of your personal items in for the week. If you must rock cargo, stick with the newer versions that are a bit more practical.

4. Leather pants

Men's Leather Pants

Leather pants | Source: Neiman Marcus

Hear us out on this one: Although leather pants are cool and seen as the ultimate rock god uniform, we can’t help but feel slightly traumatized by Ross’s leather pants incident on Friends. God forbid you wear them and you sweat; there’s no way to get them back up. You can’t buy them just right or even slightly big for fear of looking, well, ridiculous in too-big-for-you leather pants, and if they’re just right they can still end up looking too tight — like you borrowed your little brother’s pants.

5. Popper pants

You may have worn these conceptually interesting pants to your fifth-period PE class because you just couldn’t bear the thought of having to take your shoes off to get dressed to work out. While we get that you wanted to dress for the gym in the laziest way possible, there was something so tempting about wearing pants with buttons on the side that everyone around you had to restrain from pulling a prank and ripping them off. File this one under dangerous fashion choices (that make no sense).

6. Male jumpsuits or adult onesies

Wearing a onesie makes it a humongous hassle to go to the bathroom, and just because this look popped up last year doesn’t mean it makes sense. We get that there are some careers/professions that require a jumpsuit, like an astronaut, but gentlemen, respect that it’s part of their job, not a confusing fashion statement you need to make.

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