5 of the Best Men-Only Spa Treatments

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We know most men would love to get that massage to soothe sore muscles or a facial to extract that pimple that just won’t go away. However, the thought of being treated like a lady or leaving you smelling like a perfume counter might scare you off. But fear no more. The myth that getting a manicure makes you less of a man or getting a facial makes you feminine, has long been debunked. In fact, there are many spa treatments that were created with only men in mind.

From five-star experiences that will make you feel like a king at some of the country’s finest spas, to services that get you in and out quickly, here are five treatments that will leave you looking and most certainly feeling like a new man.

1. Vintage Bourbon Massage at The Four Seasons Chicago

Who said a little booze doesn’t do the body good? The Vintage Bourbon Massage at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel can help you wind down in the Windy City. Combining the sweet scrubbing power of brown sugar, classic Kentucky bourbon, essential oils, and heated stones, you might not even need a drink after this incredibly relaxing rub down.

2. King of Diamonds Treatment at The Eau Spa

The Eau Spa in Manalapan, Florida near Palm Beach has an entire MENu of services any dude would delightfully indulge in. One of their most unique offerings is called the King of Diamonds. Combining two treatments in one, you sit in a luxurious bath with a glass of champagne, while receiving an hour long Hammam Scrub and a Beau Naturale Facial. Using peat, aloe vera, and antioxidant-rich berries as well as a juniper and clay mask, this facial is said to make you even more handsome.

3. Gentleman’s Volcanic Stone Massage at Woodhouse Spa

Woodhouse Spa

Source: The Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Spa is a growing chain with locations in sixteen states throughout the country. Their Gentleman’s Volcanic Stone Massage is a gentle to moderate pressure treatment using (you guessed it) volcanic stones. These stones, which have been around for ages and are said to increase circulation, improve muscle tone, and relax you like nothing else.

4. The Royal Shave at The Art of Shaving’s Barber Spa

If a good shave is important to you (and it should be), you probably already know about the high-end grooming chain, The Art of Shaving. Many of their locations have a Barber Spa, where you can get one of the most luxurious shaves of your life, their signature Royal Shave Treatment. Beginning with a hot towel and Pre-Shave Oil, your face is prepared for a classic straight razor shave. Followed by another hot towel, oil, a cold towel, and an After Shave mask, you’ve probably never experienced a shave quite like this one.

5. The Hand and Foot Maintenance Combo at Hammer and Nails

hammer and nails

Source: Hammer & Nails

You can’t say “manicure,” without “man.” You might be familiar with Hollywood men’s spa Hammer and Nails from their pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. While there weren’t any bites from the Sharks, it’s been smooth sailing ever since. They offer a variety of treatments, all of which sound manly enough for even the manliest man. One of their most popular services is the Hand and Foot Maintenance Combo or as the ladies say, “mani/pedi.” This treatment will get your hands and feet neat and clean without any major bells or whistles. It’s perfect for any guy who simply wants to get the job done.

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