6 of the Best New Fragrances You Can Buy This Fall

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It’s not just the crisp rush of fall that’s in the air, with its vibrant promise of leafy autumnal hues, grill-laden football tailgates, and tons of festive cheer. Rich wafts of sage, lavender, leather, and other heady scents are likewise defining the aromas of the season with a new round of fragrances that are the perfect complement to your cool-weather looks.

Just like your clothing, a statement scent is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to defining your personal style. Here, we bring you a full wardrobe of fall’s latest fragrances to consider adding to your list — plus the occasions in which you may want to wear them to channel their full, intoxicating impact.

1. BOSS The Scent by Hugo Boss

hugo boss cologne fragrance

Source: Hugo Boss

Incorporating two of fall’s star aromas, lavender and leather, BOSS The Scent by Hugo Boss also features memorable notes of the exotic African Maninka fruit balanced by the savory spiciness of ginger for a whiff of irresistible seduction. Ultimately, the cologne is all about classic refinement mixed with urban sensuality, as illustrated in the gunmetal grey and amber bottle that directly references the precision and craftsmanship of the Hugo Boss label.

Because of its classic appeal, this scent will take you from a business meeting to the ballpark to the bar, and everywhere in between. Naturally, it’s best paired with an impeccably tailored, slim-fitting suit worn with a richly hued, tonal button-down shirt and patent leather moccasins — sans socks. The tie is optional.

2. Paul Smith Essential

paul smith cologne fragrance

Source: Paul Smith

Paul Smith, one of England’s leading designers, created the new fragrance, Paul Smith Essential, based on the sartorial lifestyle of the brand: effortless, modern, and wearable, with a touch of the unexpected. Traditional, woody and aromatic, it’s the embodiment of a contemporary gentleman’s club. The scent opens with an invigorating burst of yuzu fruit before a trio of intense notes including rosemary, clary sage, and yes, lavender, emerge, providing a distinct and richly herbal character. The warm, musky base delivers that all-important sensual edge.

“Essential is for the man who demands the same things from his fragrance as he does from his clothing,” says Smith. “He knows who he is and is confident with his sense of style, which is classic with a hint of surprise and a sometimes sense of humor.” Like BOSS The Scent, Essential is an everyday, everyman, and all-occasion kind of spritz. But we especially recommend it for those nights on the town, be it happy hour, an art gallery opening, or a hip after-party. Put on a finely tailored dark suit and a spirited pair of statement cuff links, but exchange the dress shoes for sneakers to add your own slightly unorthodox and unexpected twist to the look.

3. Azzaro Pour Homme Intense

Azzaro fragrance cologne

Source: Azzaro

Azzaro Pour Homme was first bottled in 1978, and Intense is the next incarnation of that iconic cologne with this remix centered around three potent, main ingredients: cinnamon, vetiver, and vanilla. The royal cinnamon from Laos offers a warm spiciness and a woody character while the fresh smokiness comes courtesy of Haitian vetiver. Most delicious of all, Venezuala’s Tonka bean distills chocolate, toffee, and coffee tones that create the addictive quality of the scent and its strongly sensual, magnetic mood.

The brand calls the fragrance the “very essence of seduction,” and given its intensity, a light spray does the job just fine — no need to overdo things. Some might opt to sport the virility of Azzaro Pour Homme Intense during the day, but it’s perhaps more suitably relegated to the beauty of a star-crossed night filled with the romance of cocktail lounge conversation, fine cognac, and the close caress of a significant other at your side. Touchable textiles such as velvet jackets, cashmere sweaters, and soft knits should be your sartorial M.O.

4. Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage fragrance cologne

Source: Dior

Dior’s new release should not to be confused with the 1966 classic, as this one delivers a bright new flair with fresh, citrusy bergamot balanced with the powerful warmth of musky ambroxan, a synthetic form of ambergris. The ultimate effect is one of both rawness and nobility. Dior perfumer-creator Francois Demachy likens it to a “strong and unmistakable masculinity that transcends time and fashion.”

Hit the road with Dior Sauvage on your side, and adventure far and wide — by plane, train, or automobile. Just make sure that your slightly rebellious, rugged, devil-may-care attitude is in tow. This is an occasion where it’s perfectly right to go against the grain, accompanied with a side of ripped, distressed denim, a basic tee, and chukka boots — or mysterious, monochromatic black, just like the Sauvage bottle.

5. Velvet Exotic Leather by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana fragrance cologne

Source: Dolce & Gabbana

As the name may (or may not) suggest, Velvet Exotic Leather is inspired by the sensuality of male skin and the true essence of masculinity. But, the fall season’s aura of leather rings loud and clear here, too, adding a sophisticated finish along with the clean crispness of clary sage and balsam fir plus a final shot of rum and incense for refined, vintage charm.

After you close the deal high style at the office wearing Velvet Exotic Leather, throw on that leather jacket for your next stop. Even a simple dinner and a movie will take on striking new meaning to the backdrop of this scent. But the real way to wear this one is on a Sicilian getaway, fully embracing the vibrant Italian roots of the house of Dolce & Gabbana.

6. John Varvatos Dark Rebel

John Varvatos fragrance cologne

Source: John Varvatos

The John Varvatos Dark Rebel perfume package is nothing short of tough, exhilarating, and wild. Described as a “primal visceral fragrance,” it entices with a mix of woodsy scents including Jamaican rum, black leather, and sweet tobacco. Designer John Varvatos considers it his most personal fragrance to date because it appeals to the rebellious, spirited energy of his home city of Detroit, Michigan. And, just like his clothes, this John Varvatos cologne is 100% rock and roll with bad-boy edge in spades — even the bottle is suggestively leather-wrapped.

Hit up a dive bar or a rock concert with Dark Rebel at your side, and fully embody its rhythm with that badass ensemble of black leather and boots. Who ever said you were a rebel without a cause?

Honorable mention: Agonist Nordic Noir

Agonist Fragrance cologne

Source: Agonist

Smoky styrax and myrrh dominate the Nordic Noir scent from Swedish perfumer Agonist, which specializes in unisex perfumes based on the beauty of natural, earthy ingredients. Notes of fig add subtle sweetness to the scent, which is one you’ll definitely want to explore if you’re in the mood for something slightly more indie and unexpected.

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