6 of the Most Memorable Men’s Looks From Coachella 2016

Fans hanging out at a music festival

Fans hanging out at a music festival | Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Coachella — the land of the flower crowns and the fringe, where a scantily clad community of cutoffs, crochet, and cropped tops gather for the arts and music extravaganza. The two-weekend-long festival in Indio, Calif. is indeed the capital of bohemia, and tens of thousands of people are none too shy to flock to the California desert to take in the good vibes and show off their style cred — or simply ogle at the next person’s.

While the musical beats are the main draw with more than 150 name-drop-worthy performers (think Calvin Harris, AC/DC, Rihanna, LCD Soundsystem, Major Lazer, Guns N’ Roses, and more) take the stage, the fashion is fascinating and the celebrity sightings are many, with everyone from Emily Ratajkowski, Jared Leto, Lorde, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift to nearly every single Victoria’s Secret angel are seen tromping the festival playground.

And while the boho-chic aesthetic may not be nearly as strongly felt for the boys in attendance, they still compensated for their lack of petal-pushing status with plenty of badass (and a few downright bad) looks. While there are too many memorable looks to count at a style circus like Coachella, check out this roundup for a few of the notables. You may not want to try these at home, though — what happens in the desert stays in the desert.

1. The bandanna bandit

Snoop Dogg at Coachella

Snoop Dogg at Coachella | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Bandannas are a ubiquitous accessory at Coachella, but Snoop Dogg took the paisley pattern to a whole new level while performing during the festival’s first weekend. Rather than wear the scarf tied round his head, he played quite the overachiever and just settled for donning an entire bandanna-printed bathrobe. Snoop’s signatures, including his exaggerated door-knocker necklaces, were naturally also part of the sartorial equation as were his wraparound sunglasses. Fellow rapper Ice Cube joined him on stage, and while he didn’t opt for a matching dressing gown, he did let everyone know just how chill he was by embroidering his name on his oversized white camp shirt.

2. The Indiana Jones

Kellan Lutz could have been playing his own version of Indiana Jones at Coachella, where the actor was looking buff, bronzed, and ready for big adventure — wherever the desert scape took him. His sheer white tee didn’t let much fabric get in the way of showing off his tattoos, inked across his chest and biceps, while piles of bands, a watch, bracelets, and beads cluttered up his wrists. However, the main keys to his style were, yes, the key pendant necklace (what does it unlock, we can only wonder) along with the safari hat. But where the real Indiana Jones came into focus was the fanny pack-backpack contraption latched onto his right, khaki-clad leg. Talk about a Coachella crusade.

3. The ripped and shredded

Kanye West at Coachella

Kanye West at Coachella | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

Kanye West made a few guest appearances during a couple of sets at Coachella — but no matter what he was rapping, his ensembles did all the talking for him. On one occasion, we saw him wear a T-shirt tucked in (yes, tucked in) to jeans that could be deemed high waters on anyone else without a Kanye in their name. But, that was nothing compared to his tattered and torn Fear of God selvedge denim jeans that put the rip in ripped. Not to be outdone, he wore a hypnotically hued, tie-dye shirt and a Levi’s white trucker jacket to wrap it all up.

4. The flower child

Victoria and David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham, turned up the swagger looking all grown up during the first weekend of the festival. He may not have been donning a flower crown, but he found another way to bring the bouquet. Proving you don’t have to be in Maui to wear a Hawaiian shirt, he rocked his own version with dark pants and bright red sneakers. Beaded bracelets, a cross necklace, and retro round shades added even more eclectic authenticity to his outfit. Is the shirt a cross between bad furniture upholstery and a thrift shop find from the ’70s? Yes, but Brooklyn’s youth is on his side so the effect is cool rather than creepy. Bring on those leis.

5. The cool kid

Gary Clark Jr. at Coachella

Gary Clark Jr. at Coachella | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Musician Gary Clark Jr. wins the award for the most effortless style without a hint of try-hard. He took to the stage during the festival’s first weekend and stole the show with a most perfect men’s uniform for Coachella. Cowboy hat and retro shades? Yes. A few strands of layered necklaces that aren’t the size of small children (ahem, Snoop Dogg)? Check. A boho button-down shirt and a bandanna hanging out of his pants pocket? Done and done. Plus, a fire-engine-red electric guitar always heats up any ensemble for an effortless, yet oh-so-cool finish.

6. The slick master

Well, actor Jared Leto also left no flower petal un-turned in his bright, Hawaiian-print statement. While the shirt read touristy more than on-trend, the most memorable part of his look may have been his hair. With nary a strand out of place, his main Coachella accessory was the pomade. Perhaps someone should have told him that, in the desert, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a few flyaways. Aviator shades and a beaded necklace rounded out his ensemble.

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