6 Style Tips Helping You Become a 21st Century Gentleman

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Gentlemen are a rare breed in the 21st century. Gentlemanly duties, proper dating etiquette, and just plain ‘ol manners and style have seemingly dissipated with the rise of the Internet, smartphones, and social media.

Easy, comfortable wear, such as jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers, are the standard uniform, while other dressier clothing options typically take a backseat. Although it’s not entirely realistic to flash back to the “old days” — when gentlemen wore slacks and button downs with tasseled leather and when an outfit for a night out was finished off with a fedora (or similar hat) — you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and dress more refined, a.k.a gentlemanly. Here are a few style and grooming tips to upgrade your wardrobe to that of a 21st century gentleman.

Prepare to have women throwing themselves at you, because despite what you think, or are made to think, women cannot resist a gentleman — or at least someone who looks like one.

1. Find a tailor

And get to know them well. A gentleman exudes class and nothing quite downplays an outfit (even the most casual one) like ill-fitting clothes. You’re a man now and you should look like one. Your clothing should not look like something you may have worn as a toddler.

2. Know that every store’s sizes are different

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This means that when you go shopping, you must must try clothes on before you buy them. All clothing brands fit differently.

3. Keep your shoes clean

Just like your grandpa got his shoes polished before work, you too should keep your shoes clean and scuff free. Try and quickly clean them everyday if you can. It shows that you care. Also, for the most part, have a nice pair of leather/suede loafers or wingtip shoes for when the gentlemanly occasion calls for it.

4. Find a barber

And never let him or her go. Getting that perfect hair cut can boost your confidence. It’s one of the first things that people notice about you, so the better the cut, the better off you’ll be. A good hair cut speaks volumes.

5. Mix low-end pieces with higher-end pieces

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Know what to spend your money on and when to go for a cheaper, low-end version. For example, spend money on a timeless leather jacket and save money on more disposable pieces such as t-shirts and jeans.

6. Think about your watch

Using your iPhone or whichever smartphone you have as your only means of telling time is almost juvenile. A gentle-man wears a watch, and a beautiful one at that. Men look sexy with watches because it draws attention to your strong forearms. It shows women you’re smart, and also impresses people in general. A beautiful watch says, “I’ve made it. I’m a gentleman.”

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