6 Sustainable Style Labels Every Guy Should Try

G-Star, sustainable denim, sustainable style

Sustainable clothing | Source: G-Star

Earth Day may have come and gone, but you don’t have to stop celebrating the planet. You may have your three Rs down pat: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. It’s the small things, after all. And while there are many earth-friendly products out there, the fashion industry has been a bit slower on the draw, in large part because it’s quite difficult to go green when designing and producing clothing.

However, thanks to new technologies coupled with sustainably-minded style labels — from shirts to sunglasses and beyond — there are more and more options for those who want to wear their love for the Earth on their sleeve. You’ve likely already seen or heard about Adidas’s new shoe game with Parley for the Ocean; it’s a 3D-printed Boost shoe made completely of recycled fishing nets and other plastic waste.

However, there are a range of other brands getting their green on. Wear these things with pride — and become part of the solution. You’ll be a walking billboard for saving the planet; just let your sartorial statements do all the talking.

1. Outerknown

outerknown, trunk shorts, sustainable style

Outerknown trunk shorts | Source: Outerknown

Kelly Slater, eleven-time World Surf League champion created Outerknown “to smash the formula; to lift the lid on the traditional supply chain and prove that you can actually produce great looking menswear in a sustainable way.” Committed to taking a stand in the eco-fashion front, Slater partnered with menswear designer John Moore to create a contemporary brand that’s been imagined through a surfer’s lens.

“We’re surfers who grew up with surf brands, but we grew out of logos. And we want to wear clothing that’s made better, fits better and looks better,” Slated said. The Summer 2016 collection is inspired by the east cape of Baja California Sur and its expansive undeveloped desert, rock strewn mountains, crystal clear salt water and untouched reef. Apparel items such as the Pocket Evolution Trunk are part of the Evolution ECONYL series, which utilizes reclaimed fishing nets and other waste that’s been turned into premium recycled nylon.

2. G-Star Raw for the Oceans

sustainable style, g-star, g-star jeans

Sustainable jeans | Source: G-Star


From the surface, you may just see a pair of jeans. But G-Star dives deep for the brand’s Raw for the Oceans collection that features denim made from recycled ocean plastic.

The Occotis 3301 Slim Jeans combine the timeless simplicity of the classic 5-pocket, workman’s jean with progressive Bionic Yarn and a modern slim cut — it’s a trifecta of good. Although the innovative yarn contains recycled ocean plastic, it has an approachable and traditional denim texture. Plus, that raw denim will last years and years, which means fewer jeans wearing out and going to waste.

3. Dick Moby

dick moby sunglasses

Sunstainable sunglasses | Source: Dick Moby

The deep blue sea is clearly a theme here, as Amsterdam-based sustainable sunglasses company Dick Moby was also launched by two surfers, Tim Holland and Robbert Wefers-Bettink who were angered and inspired by the sheer amount of plastic waste floating in the ocean. They decided to take matters into their own hands and find the “sunny side of plastic” with Dick Moby. Indeed, plastic never looked better than in these shades, constructed of 97% recycled industrial plastic waste or biodegradable acetate. All handmade in Italy, there’s a variety of quirky, retro frame shapes to choose from — and they’re all cleverly named for and inspired by iconic cities and their airports (think LAX, LHR, ORY, and SFO). In addition to making good use of old plastic, Dick Moby gives 10 percent of revenues to innovative projects to address plastic pollution in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and Terra Cycle. We’ll catch that wave any day.

4. Bamboxers

bamboxers, boxer underwear

Sustainable boxers | Source: Bamboxers

Boxers or briefs? How about Bamboxers, instead. The company was launched by five siblings on a quest to design the most insanely comfortable underwear that men would ever wear. But, they’re also responsible about all that comfort, too. The “bam” in Bamboxers stands for bamboo; the raw material in these undies. Bamboo is a bit of a miracle plant; they reach full height in a mere eight to 10 weeks; has significantly dense yields per harvest; doesn’t use nearly as much water as cotton; is grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals; is an excellent absorber of greenhouse gases; and it outperforms cotton-wicking moisture and odors away from your body once it’s spun into fabric. Oh, and bamboo is antimicrobial, biodegradable and, yes, ridiculously comfortable. Whew. Need we say more?

5. Nau

nau jacket

Nau jacket | Source: Nau

A proponent of both social and eco good, Nau not only has a solid collection of sporty separates, many are made with an earth-friendly mindset. The Nau Rebound lightweight jacket is perfect for any season, plus it’s constructed with 100% recycled polyester that’s made with post-consumer PET bottles and post-industrial waster. The recycled polyester diverts waste out of the landfills, lessens environmental degradation caused by conventional polyester processing, and, ultimately, helps the industry create long-lasting garments that would normally end up as waste. What’s more, two percent of every sale is also donated to a Nau Partner for Change, such as the Conservation Alliance. Not bad for a windbreaker.

6. SustainU MLB Tee-Shirt

SustainU MLB tee

SustainU MLB T-shirt | Source: SustainU

You’ll step right into the Major Leagues with SustainU eco-friendly (and fan-approved) MLB T-shirts — just in time for baseball season. Each shirt is made out of recycled cotton and recycled polyester yarn, reportedly saving 712 gallons of water per shirt. And, there is no shortage of team spirit on each of these logo tees. Batter up.

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