6 Things You Need in the Ultimate Man Cave

As an interior designer and the co-owner of BoConcept, Niki Cheng, knows beautiful spaces. Her five luxury New York City furniture stores are dripping with pieces that could have even the most adverse home decor buyer contemplating spending their month’s income on furnishings. Cheng is realistic however, and is completely aware that not everyone is working with a BoConcept level budget or a huge space. She insists that with some creativity you can have the ultimate man cave to kickback and forget about life’s worries. Here’s a look at her six non-negotiables:

An equipped bar

home bar

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A well-stocked bar is a must for any man cave. If you have the space, install a full bar with fridge, glass racks, coolers, and barstools. If your cave is on the smaller side, get creative and install modern hidden wall shelving for your wine bottles, or go for a sleek mini fridge that you can tuck away in a corner or a vintage-looking barrel table with built-in storage capabilities.

A man chair

Who says a man cave can’t be stylish? While La-Z-Boys may have been acceptable in the 90s, they’re no longer “de rigueur” in the world of modern man caves. Instead, pick out a man chair that ticks all the must-have boxes: Comfort, versatility and style. With its angular lines, custom upholstery including leathers and fabrics, matching footstool, and generous neck rest, the Imola chair perfectly embodies the “New Man Chair.”



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While billiards is the standard game for most man caves, a pool table isn’t always an option for city dwellers. There are plenty of game options that don’t take up valuable real estate, like poker, darts, board games, and video games. I also recommend investing in multi-tasking man cave furniture with storage capabilities so you can store your games, magazines and remote controls when they’re not in use.

 4K TV

A great TV is obviously a man cave essential. And for Sunday Game Night, bigger is always better. I recommend a 4K Ultra HD. Not only is the picture resolution four times that of a 1080p HDTV, standard viewing distance rules no longer apply, so you can go ahead and hang that 55” 4K Ultra HD TV even if your man cave is the size of a closet!

Mini gym

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The man cave isn’t just for kicking back. You can also use the space to blow off some steam and exercise. Turn your man cave into your personal mini gym, stocking it with weights, fitness balls, yoga mats, and other small exercise equipment so you can stay fit while you watch the game or catch up with your buddies.

Personal touches

Man caves tend to all look the same so don’t forget to make yours stand out with personal touches! Hanging artwork is the easiest way to make your space personal and add style and dimension to your man cave. Worried about your favorite film poster or concert photograph looking tacky? You can’t go wrong with black-and-white prints with thick white mats and solid black frames. A gallery wall with all your favorite artists, personal photos and memorabilia makes a man cave more inviting, plus you’ll never run out of things to talk about!

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