6 Things You Need to Keep in Your House For a Woman

Dear Men (especially single ones),

Whether you have a lady who is staying over on the regular or perhaps a few (we won’t judge), there’s something you can do to make any woman happy that you probably aren’t aware of. You might be a chivalrous gentleman, but you can always up your game. You just need to keep a few items at your place to make her stay a little more pleasant. In fact, all of this should cost no more than $20 at your local drugstore. Remember, every woman wants a man who can meet her needs, so why not start with the simple ones?

A toothbrush

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Leaving a toothbrush at your house is a major sign she wants to be with you. But if you aren’t at the point yet, having a clean fresh one for her will get you to that point faster. Go to the drugstore and buy a multi pack of toothbrushes. Any brand will do. Leaving somewhere in the morning without having brushed her teeth will make her feel gross. Make your lady feel good. Don’t tell her you bought toothbrushes for her specifically; just offer her one in the morning.

Face wash

Women like to wash their makeup off at some point. While you should automatically have face wash at your house, sadly, not all men do. Or if you have a men’s specific product, she might not want to borrow yours. Keep a good unisex face wash in your medicine cabinet like, Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. It’s sold at every drugstore. If you don’t want to buy a full bottle, just buy a travel size of whatever is available.

A decent hairbrush


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In my unscientific opinion, 99% of men comb, but do not brush their hair. 99% of women use a hairbrush (again, in my unscientific opinion), so your comb is completely useless to the fairer sex. Solution: Buy an inexpensive hairbrush. Just take it out of the package, and leave it in your bathroom. She will find it and look extra cute for you. And if you are using an old brush with a new lady, don’t forget to clean it.

Hair ties

OK, there is absolutely no reason for men, except for those with long hair, to own hair ties, so you might feel funny buying them, but be a Boy Scout here. Please understand women do not just wake up with attractive hair. Being able to put her hair up is an instant makeover. And no, using the rubber band from your desk drawer isn’t a hair tie. Look for something that says “no damage,” or “ouchless,” on the packaging, like these from Goody. If keeping hair ties in the house makes you feel less manly for some reason, you don’t need to leave the whole package out, just leave one or two in your medicine cabinet for her to use.

A first aid kit

Accidents will happen. Whether it’s a paper cut or she accidentally nicks her toe on a lose carpet tack, if you can help her, you will look like a hero (a minor one, but still). All you have to do is buy a small First Aid Kit to be prepared for any non life-threatening injury that may occur. At the very least, please have some Band-Aids available.

Something clean to sleep in

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Ladies love nothing more than sleeping in one of your big comfy t-shirts, so just make sure a clean one is available. Also, a clean pair of boxers (not boxer briefs, but actual boxer shorts) while not a necessity would also be appreciated. As a bonus, she will look adorable in your clothes.

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