6 Ways to Create a Stylish Instagram Account

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Anyone and everyone has an Instagram account. But having a stylish Instagram is what makes having an account so much fun — not to mention artistically creative. There is something immensely satisfying about having your own little stylish outlet to express to the world (or just your followers) how you paired your suit with your new, blue velvet colored loafers and vintage attache case. If you’re a fashionable man looking to elevate your social media, here are six simple ways to make your Instagram account more stylish. Whether you’re looking to just spruce it up, construct your own creative outlet, or set yourself on the path to becoming a fashion blogger, start here.

1. Do your research

One of the most important things you can do to make your Instagram account as stylish as possible is to do ample research. The best time to get a feel for style is during the holy, twice-yearly mecca that is Fashion Week. Not only is it the most Instagrammable time of the year, but it’s a part of the industry’s never-ending quest to remain exclusive, with only a set number of people attending.

It’s easy to check out menswear posts from those in the front row to get a feel of not only what and how they post, but what the hottest upcoming trends for the season are. Since fashion week has long past, start with these male bloggers, who have Instagram accounts that are incredibly on-point. Look at their Instagram picture-taking and styling skills to inspire your own account.

2. Use your name or create your own

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Source: iStock

You probably already have an Instagram account, which you should definitely keep using, but now is the time to determine if you want to keep your name or come up with something a little more creative that you’ve always wanted to try out. If you choose a newer name, let it encompass your style, which brings us to the next one…

3. Define your style

What separates one fashion blogger from another is their personal style. Before going into this, you should not only know what looks good on you and how clothing should be tailored to fit your body, but it’s of the utmost importance that you know what your style is and define it: Are you more of a classic gentleman, or a hipster who looks like he’s best friends with his motorcycle mechanic? If you have to, write down your style in order to solidify the definition of it. Make sure you stick to it as you begin to put together outfits and photograph yourself wearing your stylish pieces.

Although your ultimate goal may just be to have a more stylish Instagram account, there is something to be said about embracing photography and showcasing your style to the Instagram world. Raina Penchansky, the Chief Strategy Officer of blogger management behemoth Digital Brand Architects, explains on WhoWhatWear that even though you may just be taking stylish photos of yourself, consider the desire to do so a step in the male blogger direction.

“If you’re starting a blog today, you pretty much have to start with Instagram,” Penchansky says. “The fastest way to build your brand is Instagram.” Styling your Instagram account is like building a small, personal brand, and that all starts with how you view and define your personal style. Stay true to yourself. “Don’t try to be something you think is what everyone wants you to be. Be genuine. It sounds like the most cliché thing, because it truly is what resonates. People say this about actors: that there’s just something about them I really like. The same holds true for digital talent as well, so you have to show that side of yourself,” Penchansky states.

4. Photo designs

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

High-quality content is very important when posting on Instagram. There are various Instagram app filters, and ways to use the ones that Instagram comes with to perfection, to help build up the quality of content. It’s the platform you have to showcase your outfits. There are only so many ways to shoot a certain a photo, but if you have a personality and you showcase that personality, that’s the point of differentiation,” Penchansky says to WhoWhatWear.

There are a variety of ways to shoot your photos, from taking them yourself to having someone take them for you. Just make sure they are outfit focused, and shoot the photo as if it were a scene or a shot of you in action wearing the clothes. If you’re wearing something very detailed, take a close up and create outfit collages. For example, if you’re shooting a pair of shoes, always shoot downwards so you can clearly see the shoes. Take a look at how some of these male fashion bloggers do this.

5. Hashtagging

As a point of contention, never use the word selfie. The fashion industry tends to using the following hashtags: #OOTD (outfit of the day) or #fromwhereistand (from where I stand), to help get your picture noticed, liked, and get some follows. Here are some other popular tags to include when you post your pictures.

6. The essentials

The Council of Fashion Designers of America gave out its first ever Instagrammer of the year award to male blogger Patrick Janelle, whose Instagram feed is not only chock-full of street style, but includes an all-around artful lifestyle, according to The Guardian. That said, the article lists some of the essential shots that you should include to round our your stylish Instagram account: photographing your coffee choices, posting details and combinations of your accessories while sitting in a cab, and taking pictures of the catwalk from fashion shows, because as every fashion-approved Instagram shows, sometimes the actual business of clothes has little to do with fashion itself. It’s all about the image you build.

Once you’ve reached pro-level Instagram fashion style, and have really gotten into it, try this truly professional guide from GQ so you can Instagram like a fashion pro.

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