6 Ways to Give Yourself a Quick Makeover This Fall

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Each new season calls for some sort of style upgrade. The leaves are falling, and you’re itching for something new to brighten your face and closet for the darker months ahead. Take your mind off the cold weather with these six fall style tweaks that will instantly update and makeover your look.

1. Add a pop of color

What better way to brighten your mood than by adding a colorful piece to your outfit? Make it easy and choose a brightly colored button-up shirt. Although your basic white button-up will always be a go-to classic, neutral shirts can make you look dull, and you need all the brightness you can get this time of year. Step out of your comfort zone, and try colors and patterns that are a little more exciting (like vertical stripes). “A bright orange, red or pink shirt will light up your face and make you stand out in a crowd,” says Men’s Health executive fashion director Brian Boyé. If you feel like you just can’t budge with your color, try adding hints of color with smaller pieces and accessories like your tie, socks, or pocket square.

2. Wear a sweater instead of a blazer

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When it comes to your business attire, your everyday office-wear can be incredibly monotonous. There are definitely little things you can do to pumpkin-spice up your fall wardrobe. Instead of wearing a dress shirt and blazer combo, switch out your blazer for a V-neck sweater to instantly update your look. Not only will you feel warmer, but you’ll look dapper and stand out from the heavily blazer-ed crowd. The Art of Manliness suggests taking it a step further by adding some color to your V-neck sweater.

3. Add an undershirt

When it comes to the cold weather, wearing an undershirt can make you feel more put together and keep you warm. The Gentleman’s Gazette advises that your choice of undershirt should be cut with a plain crew or V-neck style. Depending on how cold it is, you can wear one in cotton or other, warmer materials. Fall comfort is where it’s at.

4. Buy a trendy coat

Source: H&M

Source: H&M

If we had to choose one item for you to buy that would instantly update your wardrobe, an oversized coat would be it. The hottest coats of the season are wearable in various lengths; pick one that best fits your style, personality, and body frame. Just remember, if you’re a smaller man, don’t choose a coat that is heavy and overwhelms your frame. Instead, if you want to rock the oversized look, opt for a coat with a light fabric that doesn’t weigh you down. Check out some of these styles suggested by Esquire.

5. Try grooming differently

New season, new do, new grooming practices. What better way to embrace the season than by rocking a new hair style and adding a new skincare routine to protect your skin against the colder temps? By simply cutting your hair in a different style, you can not only change your overall attitude, but you can instantly update your look for the autumn season. Esquire suggests these classic, fall haircuts.

6. Polish your shoes

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Taking care of your shoes is something that is often overlooked, but it can update your wardrobe instantly. In fact, polishing your shoes is more important than you may have thought. According to a Men’s Health survey, there are two things that women check out more on you than your clothes and looks: your shoes and your watch. Scuffed shoes just don’t go over well with the ladies. “Scuffed shoes indicate a lack of attention to detail,” says Boyé in Men’s Health. Make sure you pay attention to all the little style details as well.

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