6 Ways to Master the Fall 2015 Runway Looks


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Let’s face it: Shopping might not be your favorite thing to do. And even if it is, you’re probably hoping you can limit your spending to a few select items each year that will be enough to carry you through the entire season. You can get away with a few decent pairs of jeans and some all-purpose sweaters, but if you’re looking to make a statement this fall, there are a few new looks you should try. Looks from the runway are a great place to start, even if you don’t have the budget or the daring sense of fashion to buy directly from the official collections.

For starters, all hints from the fashion shows earlier this year indicate that menswear is taking a sharp turn in terms of cuts and fit this year. You’ll always be able to find a good pair of black skinny jeans in Seattle, but tighter isn’t necessarily better in other areas. It’s also a time to celebrate previous decades, with a slightly updated twist. Several high-end designers are mimicking looks from the ’70s and ’90s this year, reminiscent of the clothes your parents wore when they were dating and maybe what their wardrobes looked like when you were a kid. Even if you’re not buying straight from the runway, those trends are likely to make their way into every store you visit.

Whether you’re the first to hop on a fashion trend and make it yours, or you reluctantly tag along after it’s no longer risky, sooner or later you’ll likely see these types of pieces pop up in your own closet. Take a look now so you’re ready to pick out the freshest looks for the season.

1. Need a new coat? Bigger is better

Unlike the suits you wear to the office, the coat you buy for this fall and winter season doesn’t need to be perfectly fitted. In fact, slouchy and oversized are the key terms this year. It’s recommended by buyers for East Dane and Barney’s New York, in varying styles and price ranges. The Telegraph reports even rain jackets will get a bulkier look this fall, and Vogue writes that many of the best options come in cashmere or alpaca wool.

If you’re looking for a new coat, want one that’s oversized, but can’t afford to buy a designer-level option, GQ offers tips for the main characteristics: “Whether single- or double-breasted, the most popular coat of the season was cut from wool and with a soft shoulder that fell just off the shoulder to give a slouchy, oversized vibe.” If you want to be extra daring, The Huffington Post reports that many of the oversized coats appeared in shocking, bright, and even sometimes tribal prints that are sure to make a statement on the street.

2. Get a pair of streamlined sneakers

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Those tennis shoes of yours aren’t just for the gym anymore. And in many cases, they shouldn’t be worn on the treadmill at all. If you need to update your shoe collection, trying a pair of sneakers that are fit for the bar and maybe even the office is a good bet. “You need a dress sneaker in your closet — something you can wear to work or out on a date,” Jorge Valls, the men’s fashion director at Nordstrom, told GQ.

Top-name designers like Louis Vuitton are putting their labels on polished shoes this fall and winter, and many of them are popping up in navy hues, if you’re looking for extra hints about what to look for.

3. Revenge of the turtleneck

Remember those matching turtleneck sweaters your mom dressed you and your siblings in for family pictures when you were about 10 years old? They might have been donated long ago with hopes of never seeing them again, but they’re back — and with a vengeance.

Technically the sweaters are being called rollnecks for everyone who refuses to go back to the nineties. But GQ explains that a big reason for their comeback is layering knits on top of each other is hugely popular this year. And to create some different height layers, the high neck it is. That layering is key, Vogue says, and The Huffington Post claims the most popular look in catalogs has been a warm-colored turtleneck under a suede jacket, a la Ashton Kutcher’s Kelso in That ’70s Show.

4. Shearling’s still got it

Shearling has been predicted to be popular for a few years now in men’s fashion, but a heavy reliance on ’70s influences this year means you’re likely to see it more often in coats of all kinds, and also vests or other heavy-duty sweaters.

GQ reports that it’s been seen au naturel and dyed in a variety of places, including on shoes and bags, plus in the more obvious coat linings. Saint Laurent even has it on a backpack, though it’s doubtful you’d want to take that out in the snow. “Your best friend this winter, shearling never fails to turn heads and makes its way back into our winter wardrobes year after year,” Vogue states.

5. Neutral colors are your friend

If you don’t have very much beige or gray in your closet, now is the time to stock up. The Huffington Post reports that varying shades of beige, despite its boring tones, are huge this year. (Khaki, camel, and tan are all options under this category.) And apparently, a few designers have had 50 Shades of Gray on the mind, as GQ says that the color was popular in every shade, for any type of clothing from track suits to overcoats. (Just take a look at Lanvin’s fall/winter show above for proof.)

If you can’t live in neutrals all season long, varying shades of green were also popular. Burgundy is another solid choice for this year, Vogue says, and retailers like J.Crew offer floral prints in the hue — a popular carryover from earlier this year that incorporates the new fall color scheme.

6. These aren’t your cousin’s skinny jeans

For the past several years, it’s seemed like the jeans and pants became another bit tighter with each passing season. But this year, the tight-legged pendulum swung in the other direction — and far. Wide-legged pants are fully back in, much like the oversized coats we mentioned before. Iterations include flared pants (yep, they’re back with the turtlenecks) and straight-leg options.

“Baggy trousers are overtaking straight-legged or skinny cuts this winter, with the loose fit creating a whole new silhouette,” Vogue says. This trend reaches all the way back to the fashion of the ’40s, GQ explains, and often features a higher waist than the pants we’ve seen in previous years.

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