7 Beach Day Essentials You Need to Have

A trip to the beach is as much of an annual tradition as it is a seasonal rite of passage, and there’s no better time to spruce up on your threads than right now. No stylish man wants to be caught in last year’s duds, especially if you’ve got a lavish vacation planned, whether it be to a private island, an all-inclusive resort, or a day spent at the pool. For everything from lounging on a sailboat to finding the best surf, here are 7 beach day essentials you’ve got to have.

The Castaway Brand Shirt by Madda Fella

The Castaway Brand Shirt

The Castaway Brand Shirt | Source: Madda Fella

The Castaway Brand Shirt has got resort wear written all over it, which makes it the perfect addition to your suitcase. Made of slightly heavier material, this casual linen shirt is ideal for brisk mornings and cooler evenings. With rollable sleeves, a front pocket and buttons down the chest, this pullover is vintage warm-weather wear at its finest.

Fusion Wave Zebra Wood by Shadetree


Fusion Wave Zebra Wood sunglasses | Source: Shade Tree Glasses

The Fusion Wave – Zebra Wood shades are just what you need to channel your inner hipster. Made of eco-plastic and Zebrawood, these polarized lenses will not only have you feeling good about their green quality, but will have you looking good, too.

Mayol Board Shorts by Everest Isles


Mayol Board Shorts | Source: Barneys

Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without a swimsuit, but it can be difficult to find one that’s just right. The Mayol by Everest Isles is just that – modern, masculine, and ready to take you on your underwater or waterfront adventures. With a keen eye for fabrics, construction and design, all Everest Isles suits are made in the U.S.

Trilogy Trilby Hat by Wallaroo

hat for the beach

Trilogy Trilby Hat | Source: Wallaroo Hats

Even if you’re a baseball cap wearing guy, there’s always a time and a place to don a chic fedora and that time is at the beach. The Trilogy Trilby is a perfect fit for hanging around the resort during the day, or enjoying a casual al fresco dinner at night. Adding a hint of style to your getup, this hat also protects you from harmful UV rays while your toes are in the sand.

Rainbow Sandals


Rainbow Sandals | Source: Nordstrom

Every man needs a good pair of flip-flops, but no one wants a cheap pair that will fall apart. The iconic Rainbow Sandals are the perfect compromise of function meets fashion meets quality. With leather construction and a variety of simple styles, Rainbow’s got what you’re looking for in the casual sandal department.

Madrid by Maho Shades


Madrid sunglasses | Source: Maho Shades

As a brand new luxury sunglass line, Maho Shades are for the sophisticated man of leisure. If your beach day travels have lounging on a sailboat in them, then the Madrid is for you. With a price point of under $100 for the whole line, you’ll get the luxury, without the price tag so you can spend more on cocktails and less on accessories.

Steersman Hoody by Patagonia

hoody sweatshirt

Steersman Hoody | Source: Patagonia

Patagonia products need no introduction as to how they really encompass a laid back, travel-centric lifestyle, and the Steersman Hoody is no exception. Made for tropical climates, this hoodie, with its open-weave fabric and fast-wicking properties, is your new best friend, whether you’re throwing it on after a surf session or tossing it in your daytime beach bag.

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