7 Best Bar Soaps to Improve Your Grooming Routine

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Bar soap doesn’t quite get the recognition it deserves. Sure, bars are old-school and liquid products are certainly more popular. But there are so many great products available in solid form; you might want to trade those big heavy bottles in for squares of simplicity. Here are seven great bars that will improve your grooming routine from head to toe.

1. Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar


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Drunk Elephant’s Pekee Bar cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. If you are the kind of person who just wants to use one product on your face, the Pekee bar is it. Formulated with blueberry extract, marula oil, and honey, it will clean your face without irritating or over-drying. This product is natural, pH-balanced, and fragrance-free.

2. Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

If there were an award for best-named product, Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap would win hands down. So what does this brick smell like? According to the company, it actually smells like “productivity.” Can you name any other bar of soap that can make the same claim? Ideal for your morning shower, its large 10-ounce size means it will last longer than your old bar did. If that isn’t reason enough to purchase Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap, the fact that the company gives back to veteran-related causes should be.

3. Lush Shampoo Bars


Source: Lush

When you think of shampoo, you probably think of liquid because most shampoos come that way, but Lush makes a variety of great shampoos in bar form. There are so many benefits of bar shampoo you probably haven’t thought of. First of all, it can save money because one Lush bar does the job of two to three bottles of the liquid stuff.

With each bar costing between $9.95 and $12.95, do the math and save! Bar shampoo is also good for the environment because you aren’t throwing out large plastic bottles. So, it’s less wasteful. Shampoo bars are also a great choice for travelers because they don’t leak and TSA compliancy will never be problem. With 12 different formulas, there is bound to be a bar perfect for your hair type.


4. Lush Solid Conditioners

You probably don’t use shampoo without conditioner. Lush’s Solid Conditioners compliment the shampoos perfectly.

5. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Bar

Many products formulated for men smell like cheap cologne and dry out your skin, but not Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Bar. Made of ¼ moisturizing cream, this fresh-smelling bar thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes. You will get out of the shower feeling refreshed and smelling good all day long. If you aren’t a cologne guy, this is a great alternative because the light scent lingers until your next shower.

6. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Exfoliating Body Soap No. 1413


Source: C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow was established in 1836, making it the oldest apothecary in the United States. Any company that has been around for that long has to be good. If you have rough skin that needs to be exfoliated, its Mentha Exfoliating Body Soap No. 1413 is a sure bet. Formulated with 1% peppermint oil, this invigorating bar will wake you up even after a long night at another kind of bar. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs and patches of rough, dry skin.

7. L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap

Does the winter make your skin dry, irritated, and sensitive? Then you need L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap. Made of a 100% vegetable base, it is enriched with super moisturizer shea butter. Perfect for both men and women, this soap is available in several fragrances including verbena, lavender, and milk, which is the lightest scent. It’s also a great bar to leave out on the sink for hand washing.

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