7 Chino-and-Shirt Combinations You Need This Summer

Chinos are one of those staples that just about everyone should have in his closet. And there are tons of foolproof ways to style your favorite chinos this spring and summer. But if you’re looking to upgrade your spring and summer wardrobe, and retire a worn-out pair or two of chinos in the process, what kinds of chinos are the best ones to buy? And if you’re looking for a few versatile shirts for summer, which ones are going to pair best with the chinos you already have in your closet?

Read on to see every chino-and-shirt combination you’ll need this season. Each outfit is composed of classic and versatile pieces in colors that are easy to mix and match with everything else you already own. And the best thing about a pair of chinos or a classic button-front shirt? Each one is easy to dress up or down, so that you’ll always have something to wear whether the occasion demands something casual or a little more put together.

1. Navy chinos and a white shirt

Gant Rugger oxford and Officine Generale chinos at Mr. Porter

A white shirt and navy chinos are a timeless combination any time of the year | Source: Mrporter.com

Let’s start classic. The combination of a navy pair of chinos and a white oxford-cloth shirt is one that looks great on every guy. And it’s surprisingly versatile. You can wear it to work on a casual Friday (or any day, if your office isn’t the type to require a suit), or put it on for your Saturday morning errands or a meal with your friends. You may have both of these pieces in your closet already, but if you’re looking to upgrade, we like Officine Generale’s navy cotton-twill chinos and Gant Rugger’s slim-fit oxford shirt. Both pieces are high-quality basics that’ll last you through the summer and beyond.

2. Navy chinos and a blue shirt

Brooks Brothers chambray shirt and chinos

Going for a monochromatic look? Try a chambray shirt and a navy blue pair of chinos | Source: Brooksbrothers.com

Monochromatic looks can be tricky to pull off, but blue is exactly the color to turn to if you want to give it a try. After all, most guys would cite blue as their favorite color, and chances are pretty good that you have at least a few blue pieces hanging in your closet if you want to try the look on for size. In case you’re shopping for some new wardrobe essentials, we’re partial to Brooks Brothers’ garment-dyed navy chinos paired with the brand’s chambray spread collar shirt. Both pieces are casual and sporty, but combine for an ensemble that will look classic anywhere, from subway rides to weekend errands and hangouts to the boardwalk on the first beach trip of the summer.

3. Green chinos and a white shirt

Ralph Lauren shirt and J.Crew chinos from Mr. Porter

Military green chinos are a classic style that’s easy to pair with a white shirt | Source: Mrporter.com

A pair of green chinos may feel a little more casual than a pair of navy blue chinos, but sometimes, that’s exactly what you want. Army green is a workwear classic, and you can’t go wrong with a slim-fitting pair of chinos in such a classic shade. We’d recommend J.Crew’s slim-fit cotton chinos, which are made of 100% cotton in the perfect shade of olive green, paired with Ralph Lauren’s cutaway-collar linen shirt. A linen shirt can be a great choice on hot and humid days, but the key is to keep the fit trim and flattering in order to keep the look young and sharp.

4. Tan chinos and a blue shirt

NN07 shirt and J.Crew chinos from Mr. Porter

Tan chinos pair easily with a contrasting shirt, like this navy blue style | Source: Mrporter.com

Tan chinos are an essential that we’d argue every guy should own. We’re not talking about the pleated khakis that your dad owns. Instead, you want to a pair of slim-fitting, flattering chinos that’s more of a medium or dark tan, instead of the light “stone” shade that’s still ubiquitous in department stores. We’d recommend a pair like J.Crew’s urban slim-fit chinos, which are cut slim (and are less pricy than many other options), combined with NN07’s cotton and linen shirt. This shirt is a great introduction to the Copenhagen-based brand, with a timeless cut and a soft linen blend.

5. Tan chinos and a white shirt

J.Crew oxford and NN07 chinos at Mr. Porter

Combine two timeless basics and wear a white oxford with a pair of tan chinos | Source: Mrporter.com

Another classic combination? That same pair of flattering tan chinos worn with a white shirt. Just like the combination of navy chinos with a white oxford, the combination of tan chinos and a white shirt can be dressed up or down, and will look great on any guy who’s willing to take the time to find pieces that fit well. But that’s well worth the time, since a pair of tan chinos and a white oxford are basics that’ll serve you well year-round. We’d recommend NN07’s cotton-blend chinos and J.Crew’s button-down-collar oxford shirt.

6. White chinos and indigo shirt

Indigo linen shirt and chinos from Ralph Lauren

For a summery look, pair an indigo shirt with white chinos | Source: Ralphlauren.com

If you’re just coming around to the idea of white jeans, then you might not be so sure that you can pull off a pair of white chinos. But styled well, white jeans can be just as easy to wear as a pair of jeans, but even more comfortable on the hottest summer days. Just like with a pair of white jeans, we’d start styling a new pair of white chinos with a shirt that provides a bit of contrast. So we’d pair Ralph Lauren’s white cotton chinos with the brand’s indigo-dyed linen shirt for an outfit that’s summery but classic.

7. Grey chinos and navy blue shirt

Linen shirt and chinos from Brooks Brothers

Or for a more modern look, wear grey chinos with a navy blue shirt | Source: Brooksbrothers.com

Another much-overlooked color for chinos is a classic grey. But if you have grey elsewhere in your closet — perhaps among your sweaters, shirts, or tees — then why not give it a try when you’re searching for a new pair of chinos? We’d recommend Brooks Brothers’ garment-dyed grey chinos, plus the brand’s linen sport shirt. Both pieces feature trim cuts and summery fabrics, plus classic details that will make them timeless additions to your closet.

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