7 Dress Shirts to Get Excited About This Season

Dress shirts are an absolute necessity for nearly every man’s wardrobe. Even if you don’t wear one every day, at some point, whether it is for a wedding, job interview, or even a funeral, you are going to need one. However, dress shirts can get boring. If you are over the ordinary white or blue oxford, here are seven stylish dress shirts to get excited about this season. 

1. Emma Willis Grey Gingham Brush Cotton Shirt

Dress shirt

Source: Mr Porter

Gingham dress shirts are an absolute classic and always look sharp. That’s why we love Emma Willis’s Grey Gingham Brush Cotton Shirt. It practically breathes new air into a traditional navy blue or black suit. Or if you want to skip wearing a jacket all together, you can even wear this shirt with a solid colored sweater and suit pants.

2. Turnbull and Asser Tattersall Check Cotton Twill Shirt

Tattersall is the new gingham. If you already own way too many gingham shirts and don’t want to buy more, Tattersall would be a nice upgrade. British brand Turnbull and Asser’s Tattersall Check Cotton Twill Shirt is really different than a lot of what was introduced this season. The navy and brown would look great with a lot of ties, but especially a burgundy one. Incredibly well made and designed, it modernizes a traditional pattern in a new way.

3. Gucci Navy Cotton Poplin Shirt

Source: Mr Porter

Solid shirts don’t have to be boring. That’s why Gucci’s Navy Cotton Poplin Shirt is so great. While many solid shirt devotees stick to bright whites and blues, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add a dark shirt into the mix. Gucci’s is bold and a standout choice but still conservative enough for most occasions.

4. Burberry Blue Striped Cotton Shirt

It’s a fact that you cannot be too handsome or own too much Burberry. The British label is best at putting a new spin on its classic check pattern, which it has done in spades with its Blue Striped Cotton Shirt. If you really like blue dress shirts but are tired of wearing the same ones all the time, this Burberry shirt is something you absolutely need in your closet. Impeccably tailored, the smart-point collar and buttoned cuffs finish off the excellent design.

5. Todd Snyder White Label Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt

You can’t really say that Todd Snyder’s White Label Trim Fit Check Dress Shirt is a hybrid between a casual and dress shirt, but it’s pretty darn close. If you wear a suit to the office every day, but are all about jeans and plaid after work, this is the perfect shirt to add to your collection. Despite the causal plaid fabric, it’s still a traditional dress shirt with a button-down collar, raised placket, and split back yoke.

6. John Varvatos Plaid Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Source: Bloomingdale’s

John Varvatos’s Plaid Slim Fit Dress Shirt is dapper and different. The classic red and black plaid is perfect for the holidays and beyond. If red isn’t your color, it’s also available in a purple and black. The tightness of the plaid design sets it apart from many of the larger patterns we’ve seen this season.

7. Eton of Sweden Contemporary-Fit Check Dress Shirt

Getting dressed is supposed to be fun and Eton of Sweden makes sure of that with its Contemporary-Fit Check Dress Shirt. Featuring every color of the rainbow, the pattern works for practically any suit and gives you various options for ties. Although you can wear a patterned tie with this shirt, if you want to tone things down just a bit, go for a solid one. The other fun thing about this shirt is that it is machine washable.

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