7 ‘Girly’ Products That Some of the Sexiest Men Secretly Use

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A man admitting that he’s into grooming — and I’m not talking about shaving everyday, but getting a man to admit that he tweezes his eyebrows or uses a cuticle scissor — is difficult to do because it still gets a bad rap. But men shouldn’t be afraid to admit that they groom, and you should be proud to do so. It means you care about yourself and the way you look, and also that you have great hygiene habits, which will always be sexy.

There is no shame in admitting that you give yourself (or go for) a manicure or that you like when your feet are pumiced. You should feel comfortable, because you’re a modern man, using the same or similar grooming tools that help women feel and look so lovely. Although a lot of men don’t want to admit it, every one wants to look attractive and be the best version of themselves.

Here are 7 products and grooming practices that may initially sting you as feminine, but who cares? Femininity shouldn’t be a stigma, and these products keep your grooming on point. You’re comfortable with your masculinity, so why not give them a try?

1. Tweezers

Tweezers can be your best friend or your worst enemy, mostly because when you start using them, it’s imperative to know what you’re doing. What you’re going for, when it comes to tweezing your eyebrows, is the perfectly imperfect look. It’s one that looks like your natural eyebrows and not like you went tweezer happy creating a whole new, painted-on-looking shape. Many guys do pick up the tweezers, it’s just that most don’t talk about it.

Interested in keeping your stray eyebrow hairs a bay and maybe lessen the unibrow? Tip: Get as close to the root of a single hair as possible and tweeze in the direction your hair grows for the best results. First timers tend to take out clumps of hair at a time. Also, make sure if you’re trying to pluck stray hairs that you don’t touch the shape of your brow. Ever.

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2. BB Cream

BB Cream, or blemish balm, is something that a lot of women swear by. It is an ever-so-lightly tinted moisturizer that keeps your skin smooth while the light tint evens out unevenness in skin tone due to acne scarring or blotchy patches, but does not cake like makeup tends to do. The added protective SPF makes this a fantastic all in one product that even shortens your grooming time, and for that, you should be grateful.

3. Blemish Concealer

Although men don’t like makeup, there is no reason to shy away from concealer, especially because it can do wonders for your face. Most of the blemish concealers on the market not only cover up unwanted acne but they also have built-in salicylic acid compound that fights acne while reducing redness around the pimple. Simply dab some product on and around the spot, lightly tapping it with your finger.

4. Cuticle Clippers

Because cuticles and hang nails are the worst on any human being. Easy-grip cuticle clippers are perfect for cleaning hangnails that can not only look horrible but be painful. Try using the cuticle scissors after a hot shower so your skin is soft enough to trim, then trim only the hangnail and the excess skin around it.

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5. Foot File

Don’t be the guy with rough feet. Keep your feet silky smooth with a buffer of your choosing. For the best and most painless results, lightly file your cracked heels and feet after a hot shower when your skin is at its softest. Use swift motions and light pressure. Afterwards, immediately apply a moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acids to repair the surface. It’s best to tend to your feet just before bed to give the lotion a chance to set.

6. Facial Peel

A facial peel is super easy. Look for ones that require minimal effort for full benefits: a light swipe will get the job done. Try this two-step process daily: Swipe on an exfoliating pad, wait two minutes, then finish with the second soothing pad to clear pores and lessen wrinkles.

7. Hair Color/Hair Dye

If you’re not happy with some of your grays — maybe they’re popping up in your beard or little bits in your hair, and you’re really bothered by it — you can do something about it. A brush-in-gel gets right to the root of you hair (or beard) to perfect your color and keep it looking full. This method requires minimal effort and commitment — the treatment keeps your grays covered for about six weeks.

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