7 Kanye West-Inspired Fashion Tips

Kanye West and models for his show

Kanye West and models for his show | Randy Brooke/Getty Images for Kanye West Yeezy

Love him or hate him, Kanye West has a distinct style recognizable only as his own. You may not have a Kim Kardashian on your arm, but you can get closer to Mr. West with some undeniable style pointers, which will have to be enough in the meantime.

Kanye is a fantastic lesson in personal style. His looks are incredibly recognizable and unique. So take it from Kanye — experiment with your style and maybe someday you too will not only rule the music business, but you’ll get the support to run for president. Although if he does get elected, he’s going to have to steer clear of his baggy tees and go-to sweatshirts (unless they’re in red, white, and blue).

1. Large t-shirt’s and bleached jeans are acceptable

Girl wearing grey blank t-shirt

Girl wearing grey blank t-shirt | iStock.com/avemario

One of the best things about Kanye, besides his music, is that his casual style is his and completely on point. Add some sweet kicks and a chain to the mix, and not only are you all set to go, but that’s really all you need to look cool. Thanks, Kanye.

2. Embrace tonal monochrome looks

Man in a white t-shirt

Man in a white t-shirt | iStock.com

Kanye is a known fan of tonal or monochrome looks, playing with different tones of the same color. You’ll never really catch him wearing sharp contrasts of color. For example, if Kanye rocks an all-white outfit, the key to pulling it off is to mess with the shade, texture, and styling. He’s been spotted wearing a slightly creamier white pair of jeans, with a regular white button down, and/or a t-shirt.

“So I’m into this monochromatic thing. I’m always happy when I have a monochromatic outfit that isn’t black, and that usually takes like seven years’ worth of shopping to get right. You’ll have like these green pants you got in Japan and this one shirt that you got on tour in Seattle in a thrift store, and this one jacket,” Kanye said to GQ.

3. Don’t be afraid to try new style suits

Kanye west and Kim Kardashian on red carpet

Kanye west and Kim Kardashian on red carpet | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

So many men play it safe, especially when it comes to suiting. If you’re attending a black tie event, or going somewhere where suiting is appropriate, why not try something bolder, allowing you to easily stand out from the pack? Kanye has been seen wearing different types of suits, one in particular being a midnight blue tuxedo that was a real standout. Play with the classics, as Kanye does, and you’ll be surprised with just how dapper you look.

4. Try a white button-down with jeans

Stylish man in a white t-shirt

Stylish man in a white t-shirt | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

For a business-meets-casual look, take a page from Kanye’s book and pair washed jeans with a white button down with rolled up sleeves. He also keeps things less formal by leaving the button down untucked, and by bringing it all together with a pair of Chelsea boots, which are a must-buy regardless.

5. Pair sweatshirt pieces with dressier ones


Sweatshirt | iStock.com

Kanye loves to look casual, and he loves his sweatshirts, per MTV. They’re kind of his thing. He’s been seen pairing a hooded sweatshirt with skinny rock ‘n’ roll leather pants. Kanye knows proportions very well, thus teaching you the ultimate style lesson: If you’re wearing a slightly oversized top, keep your bottom half slim by wearing tighter pants. He had also paired this look with an oversized camel coat. If there’s one thing you should know about Yeezus style, it’s his love of jackets and coats — use them to complement your outfit.

6. Know when and how to amp up your style

Kanye West at a performance

Kanye West | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Know when it’s time to amp up your style. If you’re going out for the evening, you’re going to want to wear something a little nicer and more noticeable, than say what you would wear to the office. Know when to wear the appropriate outfit, and you’ll be the life of any party.

7. Find what you love and wear it often

Young man sitting on park bench

Young man sitting on park bench | iStock.com/Halfpoint

Kanye is known for wearing variations of the same outfit. Basically, he knows what works for him. And when you know what works for your body, you should wear the hell out of that look.