7 More Toys Every Adult Should Get for Christmas

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One of the best parts about the holidays is being able to put the most outrageous, strictly just-for-fun things on your wish list. What’s better than tearing open wrapping paper stuck together with Star Wars Duck Tape (bonus, right?) to reveal a gift that’s purely for entertainment? Not much, and because we couldn’t help but to continue our search for the ultimate toys, we’ve rounded up seven more toys you need to ask for this Christmas!

1. Mini Beer Pong

beer pong

Source: Scienz Group

Who doesn’t love a friendly game of pong? Trouble is, while house parties are great and all, you might get the craving to rack up the table while you’re out at the bar. Well, this huge problem — yes, huge — is a problem no more. Thanks to Mini Beer Pong, you can now enjoy the fruits of your beer-guzzling abilities anywhere you please! $39.99.

2. Kooba


Source: Kooba

The Kooba is a re-imagined, new-age version of your favorite bar, or man cave, game — darts! Bring it anywhere, play inside or out, and celebrate your love of a little friendly competition. Learn the skill of tossing the magnetic Aeros at the board using two sticks, and let your newest addiction begin. $49.95.

3. Tentsile Vista Tree Tent


Source: Tentsile

The Vista Tree Tent is not only for the burly outdoorsman, but any guy whose fond memories of his childhood include climbing in the backyard trees. Well, you’re in luck. With this tent, or better yet, portable treehouse, you’ll be suspended amongst your favorite scenery deep in the woods, or simply have a chance to spend endless nights right in your own backyard. And with room for three, good times are sure to be had by all. $476.

4. Plug & Glow System by Winplus

LED Lighting

Source: Winplus

You love the club, and you definitely love your car. With the Type S Plug & Glow System, you can now have the best of both worlds. Allowing you to control indoor car lighting with a smartphone app, providing 49 different colors and eight modes with the touch of a button, you can customize your whip with LED lighting! Because, why not? $49.99.

5. Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill by Uncommon Goods

grill briefcase

Source: Uncommon Goods

It’s a mini grill that looks like a briefcase, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill will not only come in handy when you need a small BBQ set up at the tailgate, but will be your best friend when you’re carrying it to the “meeting” you told your boss you had to leave work early for. $80.

6. Buoy Basic by Shade Science  


Source: Shade Science

The Buoy Basic is definitely anything but basic. And if you’re a man of leisure, there’s no denying your love of bougie toys. Got a pool in your backyard? Lucky you. You need this. Haven’t quite figured out how to strike gold and still working on that dream pool design of yours? Say no more — be that guy who shows up to the town pool with this eye-catching, floating umbrella complete with UV-rated fabric and five oversized cup holders. Either way, the Buoy Basic will ensure you’re the belle of the ball every time. $209.

7. Utter Nonsense: The Inappropriate Accent Game


Source: Utter Nonsense

Because listening to your friend’s attempt at nailing an accent is ridiculous, and there’s no denying it, Utter Nonsense needs to be on your wish list. Take irreverence to the next level as you and your friends duke it out with a game that’s equal parts funny and unexpected. Pick a card, utter a phrase in a stereotypical accent, and try not to spit out your beer. $24.99.

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