7 of the Best Style Trends for Fall

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If you haven’t already, it’s time to start stocking up on essentials — a few sweaters, a wool coat, and a pair of boots to prepare you for the cold months ahead. To help you tackle the best style trends, Business Insider spoke to East Dane, a menswear subsidiary of Amazon that sells the latest designer fashion trends, about what’s in for autumn. These trends are for the man who is really into nailing the latest looks and adjusting them to fit into his everyday look. Here are seven of the best style trends for fall.

1. Tan Colors

This is the color scheme to wear for fall. Apparel buyer Chris Green recommends mixing a little bit of tan into your darker fall wardrobe. It feels incredibly seasonal and natural. “It can be worn casually in the form of a sweater or a button-down shirt or as a statement outerwear piece,” says Green. The tan color looks best when worn with rich navies or dark browns.

2. Chelsea Boots

These are definitely a fall classic and are coming back in a big way, says accessory buyer John Wong. “Its clean upper and pull-on design is a great alternative to lace-up boots and chukkas that have dominated previous seasons,” says Wong. You can find these boots in a wide variety of styles and price points. For example, if you try a tan-colored Chelsea boot, it will work better with a more casual look. A black, leather Chelsea boot, which is a little more polished looking, can be worn with dark navy suits or dress pants. If you prefer something in between those two colors, say a rich chocolate suede, it can be paired with both a casual and office-ready look, such as a gray suit or jeans.

3. The Turtleneck

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Although there is nothing revolutionary or mind-blowing style-wise when it comes to the turtleneck, it is definitely a fall/winter staple. It is incredibly versatile and will keep you nice and warm. For the fall, try a fitted one with dark wash jeans, and for when it really gets really chilly, try it under a buttoned up shirt.

4. Briefcases

“With so much focus on backpacks in recent seasons, it’s easy to forget that there are other alternatives to carry our everyday essentials,” Wong says. “However, a classic briefcase always looks appropriate with a suit or for a business meeting.” A briefcase is a sure-fire classic; make sure you get one made of nice tanned leather, specifically one of great quality that will last you a long time. For the days you’re not looking to carry that much, try a black leather portfolio — it’s a fantastic alternative.

5. Plaids and Checks

Always a fall lumberjack favorite. “Plaids and checks in rich fall colors are a great way to liven up a seasonal palette that can otherwise skew toward dark and largely solid colors,” says Peter Haury, East Dane’s buying assistant. For your heavier wool coats and jackets, Haury suggests more muted, refined checks, which can be eye catching but not overwhelming.

6. Chunky, Textured Knits

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The colder months always call for some heavy knits to keep you insulated, but with the past few falls and winters being brutal, it’s best to start stocking up on chunky knits as soon as fall hits. “Sweaters this fall are tending toward thicker, more textured knits that provide more warmth and add dimension to your look,” adds Haury.

7. Updated Outerwear

“You can change up your outerwear choices in a few different ways,” according to Haury. Forget about your basic black wool coat (even though it’s still a fantastic option), and try something new. Try a sandy-colored overcoat, for an easy update or an oversized coat that will provide a stylish silhouette while still maintaining a conservative look for work. Try and step away from black, and live a little.

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