7 Rules For Having the Right Style on the Red Carpet

Getting it right on the red carpet can admittedly be a difficult task  there are so many elements that go into prepping and looking good. It’s no wonder celebrities hire stylists to flesh out all the details. It requires manpower to get an actor to look on top of his game and camera ready, so in that respect, there is little to no room for error. But what’s a regular guy to do when he has his own red carpet type of event to attend? Now that we’re in the throes of award show season, it’s fitting we give you gents a few rules for nailing red carpet style that you can easily apply to your own formal affairs. No stylist needed.

1. Stick to the classics

Man wearing a tuxedo

You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo | iStock.com

As a rule, you can’t go wrong with the classics, i.e., a classic tuxedo. There is nothing quite as charming as a man who embraces the basic tux in an old-school kind of way. Think: Black jacket and pants, crisp white shirt, bow tie (and smile). There’s no way you’ll end up on any worst-dressed list if you stick with the tried and true.

2. Tailoring is everything

male redhead posing in front of a colored brick wall

Make sure your clothing is well-tailored | iStock.com/TreyMo

In addition to the classic tux, there is no escaping the fact that tailoring is everything. We cannot stress this enough — if your suit bunches, sags, or drags anywhere, you’ve completely lost your look for the evening. Do not, we repeat, do not leave your house if your suit or tux is not tailored in all the right places.

3. Don’t be predictable

a man in a blazer carrying a bag

Change up your look from the norm | Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Although we’ve told you that you should opt for a classic tux, if you’re a sartorially suave kind of guy, opt for a velvet or subtly printed jacket in a dark, moody, or jewel tone instead of a traditional black (just make sure it’s tailored as well). It will leave you standing out in a good way.

4. Try the old-school Hollywood look

Leonardo DiCaprio

Use Leonardo DiCaprio for fashion inspiration | Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Besides your choice in tux, you also have to consider your hair and facial hair. Both go together perfectly with formalwear. During the 2016 Golden Globes, Axe hair celebrity Amy Komorowski told The Cheat Sheet plenty of celebrities sported the old-Hollywood look: shine, slicked-back hair, and a side part, but with the added appeal of well-trimmed facial hair. Komorowski has worked her magic on the likes of A-listers Eddie Redmayne and Ryan Reynolds, so she knows the looks you should go for. Best Actor winner Leo DiCaprio without a doubt channeled this look the best.

That said, if you’re a rebel rouser or you just don’t want to go to your formal affair without getting noticed, do as Jared Leto does. Because after all, a special occasion calls for special hair, and whether you slick it back, work with your natural texture, or go rogue with a braid, good hair is the best way to add some edge to your tux.

5. Keep the last button undone

man in a blazer

Know how to style your jacket | iStock.com

Here’s a pro-tip: Leave the last button undone on your tux. Otherwise, the last button will restrict your movement, and it will instantly add 10 pounds to your frame.

6. Wear a bow tie

Man wearing a bow tie

Always go for a real bow tie | Pixabay

Since a tux naturally lends itself to a bow tie, you shouldn’t be wearing one that is too big or too stiff so that it looks like a clip-on and too small for your suit. Always, always, always go for the real thing.

7. Your plus-one

designers and fashion icons

When your plus-one is well-dressed, you look even better | Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America

Having a well-dressed date on your arm may not hide a poorly tailored suit, but it can definitely complement your style and take it up a couple of notches. Not to mention that extra support makes you radiate and instantly look better.