7 Style Secrets From the NFL’s Best-Dressed Players

The only good thing about summer coming to a close is the beginning of football season. As you’re gearing up for it, why not also pump yourself up for football by looking at some of your favorite player’s off-the-field styles? Although these player’s enormous salaries contribute to their downtime swagger, here are seven style tricks we can learn from the NFL’s best-dressed players. Esquire helped to analyze these player’s off-the-field style. It’s all part of the pre-season excitement.

1. Victor Cruz of the New York Giants: Bold Details

Victor Cruz

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for 3×1

This Superbowl-winning player took his victory lap through New York Fashion Week when his team won in 2011. Off the field, he is known for wearing tailored suits with bold details, like windowpane checks and patterned ties, and pulling off mismatched suits in style. He trends toward American designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Cruz teaches us to go for the bold, but to make sure it’s still tailored to fit.

2. Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals: Set your own style rules

Larry Fitzgerald

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation

He’s a man who sets rules for himself and never deviates. He always looks perfectly tailored. Pocket Square? Check. He has also been seen rocking the contrasting collar on his button downs. His style never lacks in effort.

Fitzgerald teaches us to adhere to our own style rules, which is a defining feature of great personal style.

3. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots: Opt for classics

Tom Brady

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Brady has been on the list of well-dressed athletes for years, and it’s not just because he’s married to a supermodel. He always look put together, a classic gentlemen who sticks to the basics.

Brady teaches us that the classics are always a great go-to.

4. Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers: Give difficult styles a chance

Clay Matthews

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sirius

Matthews has been known to pull off an old-school, off-white dinner jacket with ease. He seems to make even the most difficult pieces wearable, and he does so with ease. Matthews teaches us to give the difficult styles and pieces a chance to work. You may be surprised at how well you pull them off.

 5. Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins: Find unique pieces

Robert Griffin III

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Parley for the Oceans

Griffin is known to wear (and pull off) signature bright socks, in a well executed wardrobe. He has found something that works for him and sticks with it. Griffin teaches us to find a unique piece, make it our own, and wear the hell out of it.

6. Reggie Bush of the San Francisco 49ers: Take risks

Reggie Bush

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for The Workshop

Dating a Kardashian seems to do wonders for the wardrobe. Bush is the rare kind of guy who can make a vest work in outfits that go beyond the classic three-piece suit. It’s nice to know someone can. Bush teaches us to try classic pieces that we may be unsure of and give them a chance to work on us.

 7. Tim Tebow of the Philadelphia Eagles: Confidence is key

Tim Tebow

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Tebowing goes far beyond its initial meaning: It means pulling off a Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo at the annual Met Gala, and stealing attention away from the crowd of beautiful actresses and models parading down the red carpet. Tebow shows us that if you’re going big and bold then commit to it, and make it work for you.

Tebow teaches us to go big or go home, and rock your style with confidence.

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