7 Stylish Pieces to Wear on Super Bowl Sunday

Bust out the surround-sound speakers and seven-layer dip: Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. And while some guys may find it suitable to toss on a ratty jersey that seals their dedication for the Panthers or Broncos, it’s up to you  a fashion-conscious, modern guy  to add some style to the evening’s sartorial spectrum. After all, even the players you’ll be cheering on have a knack for polished threads when off the field. However, an ensemble that balances stylish and sporty (all without looking like a walking cliché) isn’t easy. Check of these seven fashion-forward pieces that are worthy of any NFL party.

1. Cleat-like kicks

Common Projects_ Mr_Porter

Source: MrPorter.com

Unless you’re aspiring to look like a uptight chaperone at a middle school “spring fling,” there is no way you’re wearing those work-ready brogues to a football viewing party. However, succumbing to a sweat-filled pair of gym shoes isn’t a better option. A happy medium? Tossing on a pair of sneakers that you wear on the streets instead of the treadmill. Sure, that cozy pair of Converse or Vans can easily do the trick, but you could also aim higher.

Presenting this perforated pair from Common Projects. Retailing at $465, these kicks are more of an investment piece than impulse buy; however, the dreamy luxe leather makes these appropriate for dressy and casual outings alike. And, as an added bonus, the perforated factor pays a subtle tribute to your days of wearing soccer cleats and mesh pinnies. Take this pick beyond the confines of memory lane with a pair of fitted blacks jeans and a light blue chambray shirt.

2. Elevate your sweats with sporty details


Source: Barneys.com

“Nobody cares about details,” said virtually no one ever. Whether it’s that cool lining in your blazer or the special effects you added to your presentation at work, details always matter. Case in point: This pullover from Thom Browne. For most, sweatshirts are synonymous with being boring and unambitious. But, with a few carefully-placed stripes along the arm, this one feels approximately ten times more covetable than that stain-clad college sweatshirt in your bottom drawer.

And, for the interest of this event, the stripes on this 100% cotton pick are a subtle way to let your guests know that you totally know the difference between offense and defense. Juxtapose the relaxed nature of this top with a pair of fitted jeans and slip-ons.

 3. Embrace athleisure


Source: MrPorter.com

If you were to tell one of your buddies that you were headed out to a high-profile event in a pair of sweatpants, they may instantly dub you a total slob. But thank the fashion gods, as they have gifted us mere mortals with loungewear that looks and feels good. Not only is this cotton pair from Tomas Maier more tapered than your average pair of sweats, but the metallic zippers will also add some much-needed pizazz to an otherwise basic silhouette. The drawstring will definitely come in handy when you’ve had a few too many pigs in a blanket  don’t worry, it happens to all of us at some point. Dress this pair up with a crisp button down and a pair of stylish sneakers.

4. Be inspired by other fields


Source: Macys.com

We know what you’re thinking: A baseball-esque shirt will totally not fit in at a Super Bowl party. While it’s not the most obvious choice for this genre of sports, this top from Macy’s is the perfect way to keep your outfit athletically-inspired without scribbling, “Go Panthers!” on your cheeks with face paint.

The light grey and black color combination is versatile enough to go with almost anything in your wardrobe, while the two-button placket makes it just edgy enough to not feel costumey. Be the best dressed guy at the party by pairing this with a pair of cuffed jeans and lace-up boots.

5. A bold bomber


Source: Target.com

As a wise man once said, one’s outfit is never complete without some seriously awesome outerwear. Okay, we can’t for sure say who made such a statement, but it’s sentiment is definitely valid. If you’re looking for a jacket to complete your sport-infused outfit, try this one from Target.

Similar to that baseball-inspired shirt, this bomber pays homage to the sports world without veering into super fan territory. The silhouette can be easily thrown over a chunky sweater, or even slipped underneath a puffer jacket, plus the gloomy color palette tones down an otherwise loud plaid. And, as if you needed yet another reason to add this to your e-cart, it will look great with a simple T-shirt and jeans.

6. Get spirited with your favorite team’s colors…


Source: Bloomingdales.com

As much as you want to pretend that you care so little about the game that you’re ready to forgo any type of spirited attire, the truth is that you actually do care. A lot. What’s a stylish, but also incredibly sporty, guy to do? Wear your preferred team’s colors, obviously. Let’s face it: Sporting bright orange is no easy feat (even for a die-hard Broncos fan). But pairing orange pants  like these from Norse Projects  with a navy crewneck knit is sartorial gold: The key is to balance out the vibrant hue with neutrals besides black to avoid veering into Halloween territory. For a finishing touch, slip on a pair of penny loafers.

7. … or integrate a subtle logo into the mix

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 11.55.35 PM

Source: Amazon.com

Alright, we get it: You are a total super fan and have been waiting for the day that your favorite team for as long as you can remember made it to Super Bowl Sunday. And we can no longer deny your unwavering need to sport your team’s memorabilia. What kind of people would we be to completely block you from living out your dream? But, as we do consider ourselves quite the style experts, proceed with caution and at least opt for a stylish way to don your team’s mascot. This shirt, which roots for the Carolina Panthers, is a happy medium: The logo is clearly present, but it’s a far cry from wearing a jersey and painting your face blue and black. And, when styled correctly, this piece can even act as a versatile layer. For a laidback look, sport this with a pair of fitted jeans, field jacket, and your slip-on sneakers.

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