7 Ties That Will Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Whether you regularly wear one for your job or just keep one handy for special occasions, there’s going to be times in your life when wearing a tie is necessary. Of course, just because you’re donning some neckwear doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. And for comic book geeks out there, there’s no better way to express your personal sense of style than with a tie that features your favorite superhero. Whether you’re a fan of Spider-Man or an admirer of the Joker, we’ve got the perfect tie for you.

1. Dark Knight Silk Tie

Dark Knight Silk Tie

Source: ThinkGeek

Handmade in Italy out of 100% silk, this Batman tie features a subtle design and color scheme that goes well with almost any suit. And despite featuring Batman’s iconic logo, this tie wouldn’t look out of place in the office or at a formal dinner – even one hosted at a certain reclusive billionaire’s manor. You can find the Dark Knight Silk Tie here.

2. Superman Shield and Stripe Men’s Red Silk Tie

Superman Shield and Stripe Men's Red Silk Tie

Source: WBshop

It’s a well-known fact that red is the “power” color when it comes to ties. But what about the times when a standard red-colored tie isn’t enough?  Then it’s time to bring even more power to your business attire with the red Superman necktie. Made of 100% silk, this stylish tie incorporates Superman’s “S” logo into a bold striped design. Perfect for those crucial business meetings with supervillains. You can find Superman Shield and Stripe Men’s Red Silk Tie here.

3. Spider-Man New Novelty Necktie

Spider-man tie

Source: Amazon

We’ve featured this Spider-Man tie before and for good reason – we love its unusual pattern that looks vaguely Hawaiian from a distance, but is actually made up of dozens of crouching Spider-Man figures. The only downside to this tie is that it’s made of polyester, rather than silk. I mean, if there’s one superhero whose tie should be made of silk, it should be the one who has a silk-producing creature in his name, right? Still, our Spidey-sense is telling us that this tie is a must-have for fans. You can find the Spider-Man New Novelty Necktie here.

4. Brooks Brothers Diagonal Stripe Tie (Iron Man)

Source: Bloomingdale's

Source: Bloomingdale’s

Sometimes a color scheme alone is enough to express your superhero fandom. Although Tony Stark has dozens of different types of Iron Man armor, the most iconic version features a red and gold paint job. So while we don’t know for sure if Iron Man inspired this tie’s red and gold color scheme, we wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Brooks Brothers was a subsidiary of Stark Industries. You can find the Brooks Brothers Diagonal Stripe Tie in Iron Man colors here. And if you really want to bring out the Iron Man aspect of this tie, try pairing it with an Iron Man tie clip or a pair of Iron man cufflinks.

5. Zheli Men’s Luxury Captain America Shield Western Cowboy Artistic Bolo Tie

Zheli Men's Luxury Captain America Shield Western Cowboy Artistic Bolo Tie

Source: Amazon

Captain America is not only the original Avenger, he’s also America’s most patriotic superhero (I mean, “America” is even part of his superhero name). So it makes perfect sense to represent the Cap with the most American style of neckwear: The bolo tie. Made of a nearly 40-inch long piece of leather rope capped with metal tips, this Captain America bolo tie features the superhero’s iconic shield as its centerpiece. While this tie works great on its own, it also makes the perfect accessory to this Captain America Belt Buckle. You can find the Zheli Men’s Luxury Captain America Shield Western Cowboy Artistic Bolo Tie here.

6. Marvel Comic Books Bow Tie

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Not everyone can pull off a bow tie, but people who can should definitely add this Marvel Comic Books Bow Tie to their collection. Featuring images of vintage Marvel comic books, this pre-tied, handmade bow tie will add some superhero style to any outfit. You can find the Marvel Comic Books Bow Tie here.

7. Magnoli Clothiers Joker Pure Silk Tie

Magnoli Clothiers Joker Pure Silk Tie

Source: Amazon


While the Joker is not exactly a superhero, we had to include this stylish tie that is based on one the supervillain wore in The Dark Knight. This 100% silk tie features the same gold and brown stepped pattern that can be seen on the Joker’s tie in the 2008 blockbuster. And while this classic tie would go well with almost any conventional suit, if you really want to emulate the Joker’s style, then pair it with a green waistcoat and a psychedelic shirt. You can find the Magnoli Clothiers Joker Pure Silk Tie here.

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