7 Tricks to Getting the Best Deals While Shopping

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Did you miss out on all of the Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals? Sure, you still need to buy holiday gifts (and a few things for yourself), but fear not, you haven’t missed your opportunity to save. There are plenty of other ways to score deals. Here are some great shopping tips so that you can save every day of the year.

Don’t skip out 0n the day after Christmas

The day after Christmas is sort of the sequel to Cyber Monday. While you might feel shopped out by December 26, you need to motivate because this is probably one of the best days to put those gift cards to good use. The day After Christmas is one of the biggest sale days of the year and many retailers even offer as much as 50% off. So feel free to buy all of those gifts for yourself that you didn’t receive for the holidays.

Ask when items are going on sale

This sounds kind of obvious, but it never hurts to ask when a particular item will be going on sale, especially if you are trying to purchase something you don’t need immediately. Sales associates often know about sales before they are advertised. If you know you are going to save big, it’s worth the wait.

Buy floor models

Although availability is hit or miss, floor models are a great way to save on items like furniture or other home goods as well as electronics like televisions. Floor models are often sold when the manufacturer discontinues the current stock. Just be sure to inspect before you buy in case there is damage, as most floor models are final sale.


online shopping

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Remember the days of driving hours to an outlet mall and the pleasure you felt from saving all that money? Well, now you can get the same feeling without having to get off your couch. Online Outlets are often an under utilized savings secret.

One of the best online outlets is Barneys Warehouse. They have jaw-dropping deals such as this Barney’s New York brand suit for $599, which originally cost $1300. Neiman Marcus Last Call is currently selling a leather Christian Lacroix weekender bag for $276.50. It was originally $598. Bloomingdales, J.Crew, Cole Haan, Coach, and REI all have online outlets. Keep in mind, some of the merchandise sold at outlets can be slightly different than what you would find at the regular retail store. And don’t forget you can save even more cash when the outlet is having a sale. If your favorite store doesn’t have an outlet, just check out the clearance section for similar discounts.

Flash sales

Flash Sale sites a good way to save if you can make a quick decision. Just remember, if there is a particular brand you are fond of, log on as soon as the sale begins because the best items tend to go the fastest.

Put yourself on the list

There isn’t one website you can visit that won’t ask you your email address in exchange for a one-time discount. Even if you are already subscribed to a website’s emailing list, just give them your other email address. And be sure to actually read the emails they send you to be aware of other discounts and sales throughout the year.

Take note of all holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t the only times there are huge sales. Retailers will often use any holiday as a good excuse to give you a discount. So, don’t rule out shopping on New Years Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Valentines Day, and July 4, etc.

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