7 Watches That Look Way More Expensive Than Their Price


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Iconic gold watches are nothing new on the chronograph scene — the vintage Omegas are nothing short of a testament to the staying power of this staple accessory. That said, these golden moments can be frequently overlooked when put up against the supercharged, power-man watches such as those of the steel Submariner and Speedmaster varieties.

However, when it comes to telling time, the Midas touch is coming back into favor, proving that a refined gold watch should not be mistaken for anything less masculine than its stockier, steely counterparts. While these precious timepieces can literally break the bank, there are far more accessible, wallet-friendly options that allow you to have your gold and wear it, too. Check out this round-up of seven options — one for every day of the week, if you so choose.

Shore Projects ‘Project 1’ Mesh Strap Watch, 39mm


Source: Shore Projects

Inspired by the beauty and fun of the British seaside, Shore Projects creates timeless, quality watches that are accessible enough to wear on a daily basis. Such is the case with the ‘Project 1’ Mesh Strap Watch ($205), which gets a striking boost by way of the bright white and black dial with simple stick indexes. The mesh strap provides a sporty, vintage flair for this piece that is water-resistant to 100 meters — as any good watch should be that’s inspired by the ocean.

Nixon Time Teller

Source: Nixon

Source: Nixon

With its clean lines and high-concept styling, the Nixon Time Teller ($100) is a minimalist’s dream come true. If a watch could talk, this one would whisper, “simplify, simplify.” An original Nixon design, the accessibly priced, gold-plated piece is a tried-and-true classic, which only means you’ll find reason to wear it over and over again. Nixon fans seeking an edgier statement timepiece should go for the 48-20 Chrono Watch, 48mm ($500), which has a bit more solid heft but no less style.

Diesel Ironside Watch


Source: Diesel

One of the newest watch models from the urban-cool Diesel label is the Ironside ($325) from the Spring 2016 collection — and it pulls no punches with its heavy-duty edge that commands attention and lets your wrist do the talking. The polished, gold-tone bracelet watch is intensified by monochromatic styling that includes a matching gold chronograph dial and “Only the Brave” engraving at the side. This watch tells the time but, more significantly, it makes a bold statement.

Movado ‘Bold’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 44mm


Source: Movado

Sleek, glossy, and just a little bit retro, the Movado ‘Bold’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch ($995) strikingly documents the time with a fine-tuned, golden touch. What sets this piece apart is the signature Museum dial and stylized indexes. The Swiss watchmaker’s dot design, imagined by Bauhaus-influenced artist Nathan George Horwitt, adds handsome character to any ensemble, instantly elevating an off-duty look or enhancing already polished suiting.

Motorola ‘Moto 360 Slim’ Bracelet Smart Watch


Source: Motorola

While we are all for traditional gold timepieces, both new and vintage, there is no denying the rising appeal of the smart watch’s tech factor. The Motorola ‘Moto 360 Slim’ Bracelet Smart Watch ($230) may literally be the color of champagne, but it certainly wins a gold star for form and function. The sleek, minimalist design still maintains the classic appeal of a standard watch yet the cleanly styled LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth-enabled capabilities take this model to the next level. The watch pairs with most iOS systems and smartphones using Android 4.3 or higher.

Edwin ‘Anderson’ Gold-Tone Watch, 44mm


Source: Edwin Watch

The color of money, the gold and green Edwin ‘Anderson’ watch ($170) only looks like a million bucks. What caught our attention is the slightly squared-off design and, of course, the rich emerald accent hue. Originally a Japan-based denim brand, Edwin Watch was created to expand on the jeans legacy with classic and affordable timepieces inspired by the lifestyle of skateboarders, barbers, tattoo artists, bikers, great musicians, and artists. So, no matter what your profession, you’re in with the cool Edwin kids with this ‘Anderson’ watch.

Skagen Holst Steel Mesh Multifunction Watch


Source: Skagen

Infused with a modern Danish design aesthetic, the Skagen Holst Steel Mesh Multifunction Watch ($185) marks the time along with the day, and the date by way of inner subdials. Tailored in detail and timeless in design, the Holst features a clean, matte finish and a thick mesh band that perfectly conforms to wrap the wrist in the utmost of sophistication.

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