8 Natural Shampoos for Every Hair Type

You might not want to admit it, but c’mon, your hair doesn’t reach Zeus-realm without a little help from your sudsy shampoo friends. Regardless of your locks, here’s a rundown of the best shampoos with clean, natural ingredients.

If you are a no-frills kind of haircare guy


Source: Whole Foods

When you leave the shower with hair smelling this good, you’ll actually want to, you know, take one. Trust us. This formula works hard to hydrate and strengthen your hair with an invigorating scent. A 32-ounce bottle is less than six bucks, so it won’t break the bank either. Best of all, it meets Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards, which can make your hairline and self feel pretty good since that means it’s screened for more than 400 ingredients.

If you want to prove to your girlfriend your shampoo beats hers

Try: Intelligent Nutrients Pure Luxe Shampoo, $25-36 (depending on size)

Source: Intelligent Nutrients

Your hair called, and it wants you to swear to use this shampoo daily on your ravished locks. This shampoo is so luxuriously creamy and protective, your lady will start using it and spreading its gospel to all her friends. Make sure to shield your bounty accordingly. Pair it with the equally dazzling conditioner for a true 1-2 punch hat helps to condition, replenish, and add shine to dry, damaged hair. This non-toxic and sulfate-free formula also has a low pH to help lower color fade syndrome as well as tantalizing notes of lemongrass, ylang ylang, and geranium.

If you color your hair

Try: Whole Foods Market Color Preserve Shampoo, $9.99

Source: Whole Foods

This brand new shampoo, coming soon to a Whole Foods near you, has impressive bragging rights that will dazzle your locks: It’s 97% plant-derived, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. With a hint of bergamot scent, this next-level amazing (we’re talking salon-quality, folks) shampoo is all about helping to keep your color in top shape. Superfood quinoa jumps from plate to bottle in this impressive formula that uses the might seed in the form of quinoa protein to help reduce color fading and maintain color retention. And, yes, it does all this while managing to meet Whole Foods’ strict Premium Body Care standards.

If you feel like your hair is seriously damaged

Argan Set

Source: Acure Organics

Great for curly haired, fried hair, frazzled hair, you name it. This shampoo (try it in unison with its conditioner) infuses moisture to even the most dry and damaged hair. If you want to get all nitty gritty with the science: Organic argan oil + argan stem cells, CoQ10, and sea buckthorn oil, high in Omega 7, make up their patent-pending Triple Action System. But if you want to just get good-looking hair, just get down with a bottle in your shower. Oh, and did we tell you that the organic pumpkin seed oil – high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids — will help jolt your locks into an even happier, shinier state? Yep.

If you have dry hair

Try: John Masters Organics, Evening Primrose Shampoo for Dry Hair, $16.00

evening primrose

Source: John Masters Organics

Evening primrose oil combined with seven proteins and amino acids, 10 certified-organic extracts, and 11 certified organic plant oils that do all the heavy lifting to hydrate and soften dry hair? You don’t have to tell us twice to order as many bottles as our under-the-sink cabinet stash can hold. To boot: It’s safe for color-treated hair and doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be an irritant for your skin and hair.

If you color your hair, style your hair, and in general are hair-obsessed

Try: Intelligent Nutrients PureServe Color Saving Shampoo, $43-80 (depending on size)


Source: Intelligent Nutrients

Hey, it’s OK that you put as much effort into your hair as, oh, Jennifer Aniston. Beauty is work. In this three-step regimen (you’ll want to use all three together for best results), the very first organic shampoo, conditioner and color shield work in harmony to not only save your hair color but give your hair a smart line of protection against environmental pollutants. With plant bio-actives, the formulas use non-toxic ingredients free from parabens, surfactants, faux fragrance, PEG, and other icky chemicals — all of which degrade color and have even been linked to health issues. Since the shampoo is so mild on your scalp, it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and you’ll emerge with silky, smooth hair everyone will lust over and wonder what your secret is. But be kind and tell them.

If you are concerned about hair loss


Source: ManCave

Loaded with ingredients like vitamin E, Shea butter, and caffeine to help calm your scalp and minimize hair loss by preventing irritation, dryness, and encouraging stimulation, caffeine shampoo works to cleanse and revitalize your roots and scalp. Vegan-friendly, the shampoo also helps strengthen your roots and encourage root stimulation (Caffeine does more than just give a jolt to your mental status, folks!) and uses natural technologies that moisturize and protect your hair from environmental damage. [Update, 12/9/2015: This article has been updated to reflect that ManCave Caffeine Shampoo costs $10.50.]

If you feel like your mane could use some extra shine

Try: Acure Organics Clarifying Shampoo – Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell, $9.99

Clarifying Set

Source: Acure Organics

Let’s face it, everyone’s gotta get their shine on sometime (to quote bro-country heroes, Florida Georgia Line, at least). Combining organic argan oil, argan stem cells, and CoQ10 (all of which help support hair keratin and strengthen the follicle connection in your hair), the organic avocado oil also provides vitamin B12 and moisture while the lemongrass does its duty cleansing and clarifying. This clarifying shampoo (best paired with the matching conditioner) works well as a go-to everyday shampoo for all hair types. Healthy? Clean? Shiny? Check, check, and check plus.

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