7 of the Best Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Fall

The ubiquitous hoodie: It is that comfortable fashion item that every man needs. But causal and comfortable doesn’t have to mean devoid of style. From the perfect post gym sweatshirt, to cool cashmeres and sporty stripes, here are seven styles that will keep you covered every day of the week.

1. Brooklyn Industries’ Kings County Hoodie

Kings County Hoodie

Source: Brooklyn Industries

Everyone wants a sweatshirt that says Brooklyn whether they are from Brooklyn, N.Y or Brookline, Mass. But this King’s County fleece lined hoodie is Brooklyn 2.0 because if you were not aware, Kings County is another name for Brooklyn. So sneaky… It’s a great way to look cooler than everyone else in the same old Brooklyn sweatshirt.

2. Moncler Mixed-Knit Wool Hoodie

Moncler is known for its extremely warm, but very trendy jacket and coats. The brand applies the same formula to other kinds of outerwear including its Mixed-Knit Wool Hoodie. This sweater features a center zipper flanked by tan vertical stripes and handy diagonal slit pockets. If you are looking for the perfect thing to wear for Casual Friday at the office, this is it.

3. Striped Henley Hoodie

Striped Henley

Source: Old Navy

Available in two colors, Old Navy’s Striped Henley Hoodie makes it easy for those occasions when you want to be comfortable, but don’t want to look sloppy. Made of a soft jersey material, featuring a light colored rope drawstring and three buttons, this sweatshirt is heavy on both style and value.

4. Hasting Biker Hoodie

What do you when you want to wear something simple, but not boring? Putting a twist on the every day hoodie zipper, All Saints’ Hasting Biker Hoodie features the apparatus sewn on the diagonal. This simple change looks a little different, but won’t make it appear as if you are trying too hard.

5. Beast Mode Hoodie

Beast Mode Hoodie

Source: Pac Sun

If there were ever a perfect post-workout hoodie, this Beast Mode sweatshirt would be it. Seriously, if you wear this to the gym, you better work out hard and fit in an extra set or two, or people will notice that you aren’t truly a beast. Who knew a hoodie could not only make you look good, but also motivate you to look even better?

6. Vince Cashmere Blend Striped Hoodie

Vince makes clothing that not only defies trends, but also looks good for years to come. It is almost impossible to go wrong with anything they design, especially this tri-color cashmere/cotton modal blend sweatshirt. Combining sporty and sleek, it’s perfect for a coffee date or quick drink on the weekends.

7. American Apparel Tri-Blend Hoodie

You want a basic hoodie without bells and whistles to wear to the gym, the movies, perhaps the grocery store, or even out walking your dog? American Apparel makes a classic version, which is available in a variety of solid colors including blue, navy, green, black, grey, and even oatmeal. Made of cotton, polyester, and rayon, it won’t shrink in the washing machine and has that old-school vintage look and feel we wish every sweatshirt had.

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