8 Things To Wear To Your Company’s Holiday Party

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It’s that time of year again. In just days, you will probably be attending your company’s holiday party. We all know these things can range from fun (remember your romp last year with Janice from Accounting?) to bizarre (like that time your boss had just a few too many candy cane martinis). However, there is always one given at these events, you are going to need to dress for the occasion. Here are eight festive ensembles that will work anywhere from buttoned-up corporate soirées to relaxed shindigs in Silicon Valley.

Alton Lane Red Plaid Dress Shirt


Source: Alton Lane

Alton Lane’s Red Plaid Dress Shirt is the perfect way to turn a suit or dress pants into a sophisticated, yet festive outfit. But this is no ordinary plaid shirt. It’s actually completely bespoke. Alton Lane gives you a custom fit and lets you choose all of the detailing such as placket, cuff and collar styles. Even better, it comes at a not-so-bespoke price.

Ralph Lauren Needlepoint Bulldog Loafers

Bulldogs are known for loafing around so what could be more appropriate than bulldogs on your loafers? Ralph Lauren’s Needlepoint Bulldog Loafers are preppy and fun, yet refined. These shoes work with anything from a suit to khakis and even to dress up denim. No bull, these loafers will make you smile even before you’ve had your party cocktail.

Mr. Turk Zachary Zig Zag V-Neck Sweater

You don’t have to wear holiday colors or a Santa on your sweater to change up your every day look for a special event. All you need to do is break away from boring. Mr. Turk’s Zachary Zig Zag V-Neck Sweater is all about that. It’s a great layering piece. Wear this top with contrasting plaid pants in a complimentary color to create a truly unique and very stylish look.

Sid Mashburn Blackwatch Tartan Drake Silk Grenadine Tie


Source: Sid Mashburn

Sometimes a hint of the holiday is all you need. Sid Mashburn’s Blackwatch Tartan Drake Silk Grenadine tie is a classic. Just put it on and whatever you are wearing will automatically look holiday-appropriate in no time at all.

Kilgour Charcoal Slim Fit Asymmetrical Wool Blazer

Blazers can be so blah, but not Kilgour’s Charcoal Slim Fit Asymmetrical Wool Blazer. Lightweight and soft, it helps create a layered look. This is the perfect piece to wear if you want to stand out and make a bold, yet refined choice.

Tipsy Elves The Night Before Moose Sweater

You might have heard about Tipsy Elves from watching the episode of Shark Tank when Robert Herjavec invested in the burgeoning brand. You might have also noticed their sweaters on several of the characters in the Seth Rogen holiday film, The Night Before. Now, they’ve released an entire line based on the film. One of the most wearable (read least ugly) pieces from the collection is the Moose Sweater. While you would normally expect your holiday sweater to have reindeer, the designers have gone with a different antlered animal this year. It’s festive, yet a little more appropriate for an office holiday party than their Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater for example.

Berle Pleated Plaid Wool Trousers


Source: Nordstrom

Nothing screams the holidays quite like Berle’s Pleated Plaid Wool Trousers. These are a very bold bottom, so be sure to wear them with a solid black sweater or a crisp white dress shirt on top.

Ben Sherman Original Herringbone Blazer

If you hate holiday colors, but want to blend in, check out Ben Sherman’s Original Herringbone Blazer. It is just festive enough to make your coworkers look at you without saying, “Bah Humbug,” but really, you could wear it any day of the year.

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