9 Fun Graphic T-Shirts That’ll Make You Look Cool

There isn’t one man who doesn’t own a graphic t-shirt, no matter what his personal style is. Whether it features his alma mater, favorite childhood cartoon character, or a trendy street wear brand logo, look through any dude’s drawers and you will find at least one of these. Graphic t-shirts are the perfect option for the most casual occasions whether it’s to wear to work out, meet the boys for a beer, or just for vegging in front of the television, paired with sweatpants. Here are nine to incorporate into your wardrobe whether you are into humor, nostalgia, or just plain looking too cool for school.

All My Friends Are Dead

Time Travel Mart T-Shirt

Source: The Time Travel Mart

This is one of the funniest graphic t-shirts ever made. It’s actually the cover of a children’s book for adults (or really advanced hipster kids) called (you guessed it) All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John. Humorous, iconic, and slightly sadistic, this shirt could not be a better conversations starter. Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana

Since its Netflix revival, Arrested Development has found its way into our cultural lexicon again. What better way to show your love for the Bluth family than with this shirt? Featuring the frozen banana logo and designed to look and feel vintage, this shirt will make you smile in a way that only a frozen fruit with feet can.

Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster T-Shirt

Source: Spiritual Gangster

If you’re a Spiritual OG or just into yoga, the Spiritual Gangster clothing line should be your uniform. Its logo shirt in crimson (among other colors) is a great way to tell the world who you really are: a man who is into both meditation and microbrews. As a bonus, this shirt comes with good karma because the company donates to several worthwhile charities for every item they sell.

Second Best

In a world where we all strive to be the best, sometimes it’s better to come in second, especially with this Julian Schnabel designed t-shirt for street wear company RVCA (pronounced roo-cuh, if you were wondering). This shirt is part of its Blind Girl Surf Club collection and is available in limited quantities, so if you want it (and you should), buy it now.


Kale is one letter away from a certain Ivy League school in Connecticut. Even if you didn’t attend Yale, but like to munch on this leafy green vegetable, you are certainly smart, at least about eating. Show your nutrition knowledge or potentially strike up a conversation with a vegetarian in this signature Kale t-shirt.


Stussy T-Shirt

Source: Stüssy

Stüssy was one of the first brands that put street wear on the map. In recent years, they’ve had a resurgence. Stüssy’s take on the classic white t-shirt re-envisioned with its logo is nostalgically hip. It will bring you back to the skate park in the 90s, or at least make you wish you still knew how to ride a long board.

Living The Dream

Are you living the dream? If not, you can at least wear this t-shirt. Designed by Sol Angeles, this cotton crew neck is comfortable and delightfully ironic.

Bye Felicia

Say hello to this “Bye Felicia” shirt. The infamous line from the movie Friday, which was recently referenced in Straight Outta Compton is now memorialized by 5 Crown. Casual, yet a conversation piece, Ice Cube fans will most certainly give you a fist bump for your fashion sense.

In Duke We Trust

In Duke We Trust T-Shirt

Source: Duke & Winston

What could be cuter than a bulldog wearing a parachute? You wearing a t-shirt with a bulldog wearing a parachute! This vintage style t-shirt from Philadelphia company Duke & Winston features its namesake mascot and is made of an organic cotton blend that is sure to feel as sweet as slobbery dog kisses.

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