5 of the Most Iconic Men’s Hair Styles

Hair styles are probably the first thing we notice on other people. For most men, it’s the easiest way to change their look entirely. Throughout the years, men’s hair cuts actually haven’t changed much. While certain looks have grown out of fashion entirely, most popular styles are simply modernized versions of timeless looks. Here are five of the most iconic hair cuts. Remember, you might not have George Clooney or David Beckham’s looks, money, or wife, but a good stylist can always give you their hair styles.

1. The Pompadour

the pompadour haircut

The pompadour | iStock.com

While this hair cut has certainly evolved from the men who made it iconic like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and even Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) from Beverly Hills 902010, it’s more popular than ever. Everyone from Zac Efron to Bruno Mars and even David Beckham have rocked this look. The pompadour might be older than your grandfather, but it screams classic and cool.

2. The Caesar

buzz cut

The Caesar | iStock.com

So many men — from George Clooney to Russell Crowe and even Eminem — have had a Caesar at one point or another. And lots of not so famous men have followed suit because it’s low maintenance and requires very little if any effort to style in the morning. This is a universally good look and works on most hair types.

 3. Shaved

Professional man with shaved head

Professional man with shaved head | iStock.com

Vin Diesel is the poster boy for what a shaved head should look like. He would probably look strange to us if he did have hair. However, a shaved head doesn’t work on all men, even incredibly good-looking guys like Adam Levine, who attempted this look in the past. We can only hope this judge on The Voice makes better style choices in the future.

 4. The Fade

a confident man with a fade haircut

The fade | iStock.com

The fade won’t be fading away any time soon. Starting out thick on top, the hair eventually fades into the scalp getting shorter and shorter. While this look was first popularized by Kid ‘n Play in the 80s and 90s, it has gone sophisticated for the new millennium. From Justin Timberlake to Jonah Hill, it seems like every man has found his own version of this cut.

5. Shoulder Length

Shoulder-length hair

Shoulder-length hair | iStock.com

Even some of the most masculine men in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Johnny Depp have had shoulder length hair. And who could forget perfectly coiffed Ashton Kutcher? Shoulder length hair takes a lot of skill to style and even more confidence to pull off. So, it’s not for the average dude to try because it can look sloppy and even dirty if you don’t know what you’re doing.