9 Man Tips That Boost Your Confidence

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Want to boost your confidence? Hell yeah you do — who wouldn’t? Being confident opens up doors, it gets you women, it gets you the job, and better customer service because we live in an aesthetically focused and superficial society. Fortunately, there are things you can do to boost your confidence, while improving your health and making you more handsome, because looking good means feeling good. Here are nine tips that will boost your confidence immediately.

1. Find a barber that gets you

Once you find the perfect barber, you’re golden. How do you know if you’ve found a great barber? Because every time you go in and ask for the regular, you walk out feeling amazing, like you can take on the world. Having a great barber is rule number one above all the following tips. Finding a great barber can be done by word of mouth or by trial and error, but hopefully you’ll find a great one simply by word of mouth. The signs to know whether the man or woman cutting your hair is a great contender is that they will consult with you and determine how you would like your hair done, give you their professional opinion, and it shouldn’t be done in less than 20 minutes. It should be personalized to fit you and your style, of course, and they should understand that.

Another hair option: Maybe let your hair grow just a little and have them clean it up for you instead of opting for a new do.

2. Don’t shave with a razor

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Although the trend is moving more toward a shaved face, due to beard saturation, it’s up to you whether you want to take it all off or trim it just to clean it up. Although I (as do many other women) like a little facial hair, should you decide to shave, make sure you use a single-blade razor, as opposed to a five blade. Dermatologists say that higher blade counts do well at slashing strands off your chin, but they also swipe away essential oils on your skin that help prevent nicks, burns, and irritation. Try a single blade safety razor like your granddad.

3. Take care of that nose hair and eyebrows

It’s important to trim nose hair for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is that it’s gross. It’s unappealing to look at you with long hairs coming out of your nose. Trimming your nose hair comes along with the territory of being a man. As for eyebrows, it’s OK to clean them up a little, and I mean very little, but if I can look at you and tell that you had your eyebrows shaped or waxed, then it’s a little too much. Stick to natural, plucking errant hairs, or just don’t touch them at all and make sure you tame them with an eyebrow brush.

4. Wear sunscreen


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Wear sunscreen every day. Although lines add a character to a man’s face making him look more distinguished, you don’t want to look like a grandpa by the time you hit 50. A 2013 study by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that adults who use an SPF daily aged 24% slower than those who didn’t lather up. It’s a good idea to try and preserve your skin as much as you can. In that same vein…

5. Moisturize

Dr. Terrence Keany MD, Director of W for Men dermatology clinic, says that you should use a moisturizer at least once a day to keep your skin looking smooth and lovely. Think of moisturizers as vitamins for your face; you need them to look and feel healthy. Take a tip from your lady and use an eye cream as well. Also, make sure to cleanse your face properly before applying your moisturizer with a non-comedogenic cleanser once a day, except on the days you shave, in which you should use an exfoliator.

6. Dress nicely and purposefully

This is self explanatory: Dress nicely and you will be much more attractive, not only that, looking well put together boosts your confidence, which is the entirety of my point. If you’re not sure what to wear exactly, try this.

7. Don’t fight your destiny

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Whether it be going bald or going grey, you should embrace your look with confidence. George Clooney’s iconic pepper look is sexy and when you finally reach full grey status, consider yourself a silver fox like Anderson Cooper. Going bald? Have you seen the handsome Jason Statham? I made my point.

8. Take care of your hands and feet

How your hands look matter. You shake hands with people, you touch people, and they are on display everywhere for the world to see. Take care of them, moisturize, and don’t be ashamed to get a manicure and pedicure, for that matter. Nice looking feet on a guy are gold.

9. Take care of your teeth

Having a nice smile with beautiful teeth will literally make a woman go weak in the knees. Although this is kind of obvious, make sure to take good care of your teeth, brush twice a day with an electric or normal toothbrush, invest in some whitening, and make sure to visit you dentist twice yearly for a checkup and cleaning.

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