90s Fashion Trends: 4 That We Need to Bring Back

Our technologically saturated lives have left us longing for the simpler days of the 1990s. Although the last decade before the Internet boom is one that conjures up nostalgic memories, it was also one of the last decades of truly horrible, unfathomable crimes of fashion. There are, however, a few takeaway gems from this interesting fashion era, which was defined by Kurt Cobain and his flannel tied-around-the-waist shirt. Here are 4 trends from the ’90s we need to bring back.

1. The oversized T-shirt

oversize shirts were one of several 90s fashion trends

An oversized T-shirt | Topman

This style was a big ’90s street style staple. When trying this style, it’s important to be aware that there is a thin line between oversized and dress-like. The last thing you want is to look like you’re drowning in your shirt or like a gawkish teenager. If you’re going to wear this, it’s all about balancing your outfit if you’re wearing something oversized on your upper-half[Counteract] the larger tee with a slim jean and well-fitted jacket; otherwise you run the risk of looking plain scruffy,” says Giles Farnham, head of fashion company River Island’s complimentary styling service, Style Studio to FashionBeans.

Since this style can be a little overwhelming, it’s best to avoid any loud colors or ’90s tie-dye and just stick with a plain white tee in a neutral color, says Farnham. Make sure to look for tees in generously cut skater fits that are purposely meant to be oversized; don’t size up in your normal slim-fit T-shirts, which are not meant to look oversized, because you’ll end up just looking weird.

2. Tying clothing around your waist, aka “the grunge look”

flannel shirt

A flannel shirt | Uniqlo

Grunge is officially back. This is the epitome of grunge-dom and is associated with the late, great grunge king himself, Kurt Cobain. This very convenient and now growing fashion trend is done right (and best) when you tie a flannel shirt around your waist. You can also grab you favorite button down, jacket, or sweater, and you’re instantly thrown back to 1994. This look borders on more of a hipstery vibe today. If you’re not comfortable with that, simply throw on your fitted leather jacket to even out the ’90s trend and bring it to today.

3. Baggy pants

Esquire declares that the baggy pants trend is back, and it was seen last year at London Fashion Week. The baggier pants trend is a really important comeback for men’s style, mostly because it’s taking it in the opposite direction of the slim-fitted pants trend. You may not be wearing baggy pants right now, but you soon will be. Fashion is forever cyclical, and it seems that 1995 is back and it’s brought its pants with it. If you feel like you want to give it a try, just make sure to streamline the look by wearing a fitted shirt and jacket on your upper-half, or opt for a monochrome look altogether to salvage some sort of sophistication for the look.

4. Bomber jacket

bomber jacket

Bomber jacket | Macy’s

This military-inspired piece is a classic style that in the 1990s was a stylish outer layer to wear to the club. This style has slowly woven itself back into the fabric of menswear jacket optionsThe key to styling this trend in a modern way is all in the cut,” says Farnham to FashionBeans. “Back then, the tendency was to wear them hugely oversized,” he adds.

For today’s style, opt for a well-fitted bomber jacket in black, olive green (which is more so military inspired), or navy. Wear your bomber with a simple crew neck tee or sweatshirt, slim jeans, and leather sneakers — this outfit itself is a modern, vaguely ’90s-inspired look that you can easily rock.