5 Accessories That Men Should Stop Wearing Immediately

Accessories are a double-edged sword. Wear them right, and your look immediately gets a power boost. Wear them wrong, and your style cred is subject to some major questioning and more than a few raised eyebrows.

When used appropriately, stylish accessories like belts, sunglasses, pocket squares, bags, ties, watches, statement socks, cuff links, and more, can all add a colorful and handsome punch to your daily ensembles. But, to look your finest, you may want to stray away from these five types of accoutrements.

1. Man jewelry (well, most of it)

stylish man

There’s a fine line between stylish and excessive jewelry. | iStock.com

Guys, leave most of the glint factor to the girls. Diamond studs, metallic chains, pendant necklaces, and rows of rings can all look a bit try-hard (or like something akin to a mid-life crisis) — and can be downright inappropriate for your job’s day-to-day conservative dress code. Most men will fare best with a simpler approach to the jewel factor — especially those of you who work in the more cut-and-dry corporate field. A handsome statement watch, a good pair of cufflinks, and a wedding band (if you’re married, of course) will serve you well without crossing into overdone territory. The next layer, which could be considered a solid cuff or a beaded bracelet, is fine for some and breaks through the more conservative mold a bit more.

The one caveat about jewelry is that it is so subjective. It’s best to stay in your lane and wear what makes sense to you, your personality, and your aesthetic. Are you in the boardroom or in a band; wrapping up sales reports or rapping on stage? Are you a Johnny Depp or a Don Draper? Enough said.

2. Socks (with sandals)

wearing sandals on the beach

Just say no. | iStock.com

It’s debatable whether the socks with sandals issue even needs to be addressed as a fashion no-no, as it is so widely frowned upon. But, yes, the age-old fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals is still an accessory no-go. It looks frumpy and unfashionable. So, too, should sandals themselves be worn with caution. Some guys can pull them off with no problem. But, we urge you to explore a pedicure and plenty of confidence to rock the look in style.

3. Scarves

Man wearing a scarf

Unless it’s cold outside, you might want to skip the scarf. | iStock.com

Now, there’s nothing wrong with bundling up in a scarf during winter. But the validity of an all-day scarf in balmier, less chilly circumstances is more questionable. Remove the accessory under these conditions, or when you’re inside, and let your neck have some breathing room. Otherwise, you may be flaunting the hipster vibe a bit too strongly.

4. Belt clips

| iStock.com

A belt this nice doesn’t deserve to be ruined with a clip. | iStock.com

Strapping your cell phone to your pants is just wrong — period. The convenience factor of one of those infamous belt clips will never come close to justifying the accessory. A belt should be used to ensure a tailored finish to your pants and to prevent naked belt loops with a tucked-in shirt — and nothing else. Put the phone in your jacket or pants pocket, or carry a messenger bag to work. If all else fails, just carry your smartphone before clipping it on.

5. Too much cologne

cologne, grooming

No one wants to be slapped in the face by the smell of your cologne. | iStock.com

Perhaps you don’t think of cologne as an accessory, but we beg to differ when it comes to your signature scent. If you’re spritzing on too much and floating on a cloud of fragrance, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. The beauty of a man’s cologne is in its subtlety; it should be worn effortlessly and not as a distracting accessory that overpowers you.

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