After Labor Day Fashion: What to Wear on September Weekends

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Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer. But you still technically have a couple more weeks of summer, not to mention a couple of more weekends in September, meaning some of the best temps and weather conditions of the entire year are upon us. Between Labor Day and the first few weeks of fall, you’ll be at your most comfortable clothing-wise. Putting work days aside, you need to have that great weekend look that will help you bridge the two seasons.

Although you should probably pack up your mandals, you don’t need to get rid of all of your summer attire just yet. Here are a few simple tips on what to wear on those not-too-hot, not-too-cold September weekends.

1. Keep the shorts

You can definitely keep wearing your shorts throughout September. Try sticking to chambray shorts with a linen top to keep you sweat free while you kick back outside or participate in outdoor activities. For weekends, you’re aiming for a laid-back look, so when in doubt, stick with shorts.

2. Go for the slip-ons

This is the perfect finish to the ultimate laid back look — a pair of slip-ons. Try this awesome pair by Toms. As we get further into September, start to incorporate the hottest sneaker trends of the season.

3. You still need sun protection


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Sun damage is still a thing throughout September, and a word to the wise: You should always be concerned about sunscreen; make sure to wear it all year round. To further block your skin from sun damage, make the most of your summer shady straw fedora with a pair of modern-framed shades. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear your straw fedora through September.

4. Start to blend the seasons

The nights are going to start to get chillier (the days will too), and it’s great to start incorporating some of your fall staples, like lighter sweaters and pullovers, with your jean shorts. Try your fall pull-overs with a shorter pant, tailored to a half-inch above your ankle, paired with your slip-ons for an easy and cool look. Also, you can start to incorporate more denim into your soon-to-be fall look by opting for a lighter denim shirt (either a darker or lighter color than your shorts) as another cool alternative.

Top this all off with a carryall backpack.

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