All the Gear You Need to Make Your Beard Look Great

Growing a beard is easy. But there’s a big difference between a well-groomed beard and a neglected one. A healthy, maintained beard tells the world that you’re a man who means business. An unkempt beard can say a lot of things, but none of them are good.

In other words, it’s a little bit of maintenance that separates the great-looking bearded men from the slobs. All you’ll need to keep your beard in shape are a few simple tools. Here’s our guide to maintaining a fine manly beard.

Philips Norelco beard trimmer

Philips Razor

Philips Norelco beard trimmer | Source: Amazon

An untrimmed beard can get out of control quickly. And unless you want to waste a bunch of time with scissors, you’re going to need a beard trimmer. This one from Philips Norelco is one of the best on the market. It has an ingenious built-in vacuum system that keeps the trimmings from making a mess all over your sink. A digital display on the handle tells you the length setting and battery status. It even has a turbo button to help plow through even the thickest of facial hair. If you’re looking for a high quality electric trimmer, this is it. Buy yours here.

Shaveology Safety Razor Set


Shaveology Safety Razor Set | Source: Amazon

Even with a beard trimmer, you’ll still need something to keep your neck and upper cheeks smooth and hair-free. Nothing offers a closer shave than a safety razor like this one from Shaveology. This set comes with a safety razor, five blades, a leather blade guard, and a polishing towel. It promises the best shaving experience around, bar none. Buy it here.

Braun Wet & Dry Electric Shave

Braun Razor

Braun Wet & Dry Electric Shave | Source: Amazon

If you don’t feel comfortable putting an old fashioned razor to your neck (and I don’t blame you), an electric razor is a perfectly valid alternative. This one from Braun is more than capable. It’s easy on the skin, but still gets a remarkably close shave. It has wet and dry capabilities, which means you can use it with foam or gel. You can even use it in the shower. Buy one here.

Pocket comb

Eqlef Comb

Pocket comb | Source: Amazon

If your beard is longer than stubble, chances are that it gets out of line every once in a while. To whip it back into shape, you’ll want a static-free pocket comb like this one. It’s made of sandalwood, which means it won’t snag on your hair like a plastic comb does, and the two sides let you choose the fineness of the comb. It even has a pleasant smell, thanks to the quality of the wood. Buy one here.

Beard balm

beard balm

Beard balm | Source: Amazon

Long beards can look amazing, but without a little extra care they can also make you look a little unhinged. To avoid that fate, you’ll need some balm. Not only does this stuff do a great job of shaping your facial hair, but it has a conditioning agent that softens the hair so it doesn’t feel like steel wool. It also moisturizes the skin underneath your beard, keeping it healthy and itch-free. Buy some here.

Nose hair trimmer

nose hair trimmers

Nose hair trimmer | Source: Amazon

Your beard can be trimmed and shaped to perfection, but if you have a thicket of hair sprouting from your ears and nostrils, no one will notice your amazing beard. To eliminate those hard-to-reach hairs, you’ll need a nose trimmer like this one. The stainless steel design looks great and offers enough water resistance that you can use it in the shower if you’re looking to save time. Buy one here.

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