5 Apple Rumors: Will the iPhone 7 Offer Better Battery Life?

An exciting assortment of Apple rumors surfaces each week and offers a glimpse into the current state of speculation about upcoming iPhones, new iPads, and the next updates for Apple’s operating systems. The Apple rumor mill is kicking into high gear as we get closer and closer to the launch of this year’s iPhone 7. So this week, plenty of exciting rumors about the next iPhone, future iPhones, and other Apple inventions made their rounds online. Read on to catch up on the week’s most exciting Apple rumors.

1. The iPhone 7 probably won’t be much faster than the iPhone 6s

Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

Apple iPhone | Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac that the iPhone 7 isn’t likely to bring any significant performance improvements over the iPhone 6s, as revealed by early A10 processor benchmarks. While some of Apple’s chip upgrades have delivered big performance improvements — like the A6, which was more than twice as powerful as the A5, or the A9, which offered a big boost over the A8 — you shouldn’t expect a major leap this fall.

According to early Geekbench 3 results, the A10 chip used in the iPhone 7 will only be slightly faster than the A9 used in the iPhone 6s, and it will be almost identical to the A9X in the iPad Pro. In single-core tests, the A10 achieves a score of 3,010, only 491 points more than the A9 and only 10 points more than the A9X. However, that’s not necessarily bad news. As Bell notes, Apple’s choice to refrain from adding power that users don’t need yet keeps the iPhone as efficient as possible, and ensures that the device doesn’t burn through additional power unnecessarily.

2. But this year’s iPhone 7 might finally offer better battery life

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Apple store | Ken Ishii/Getty Images

As Neil Hughes reports for Apple Insider, rumor has it that Apple will squeeze a 1,960mAh battery into the iPhone 7. If the rumor is true, that would make the iPhone 7’s battery about 14% larger than the battery in the iPhone 6s, which could finally help address iPhone users’ complaints about battery life. Hughes notes that the iPhone 7 is rumored to measure between 6 and 6.5 millimeters thick, which would make it the thinnest iPhone ever. Despite the thinness, however, Apple could squeeze in a larger battery by either shrinking or eliminating some internal components, such as the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is rumored to be going away.

3. The iPhone 7 may not do away with the camera bump everyone hated on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

Source: Apple.com

iPhone | Source: Apple.com

Raymond Wong reports for Mashable that it seems likely that the iPhone 7 will feature the same camera bump that users have complained about on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. What’s purportedly a leaked image of the casing for the iPhone 7 shows reworked antenna lines and a cutout that’s larger than the one on the iPhone 6s. Wong points out that it looks like the camera bump may get even bigger with the iPhone 7, which likely points to a significant camera improvement. (The sensor will likely be able to take in more light, even if the camera’s megapixel count remains the same.)

And in Wong’s assessment, we should all get used to the camera bump, since “phone makers are unlikely to make their devices significantly thicker to accommodate better image sensors.” So if we all have to get used to the camera bump, are there any aesthetic upsides? Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac that the iPhone 7 may better connect the camera to the rest of the phone, so that it won’t look like a separate camera component attached to a flat piece of aluminum.

4. The iPhone 7 Plus may still get a Smart Connector

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Apple employees | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Killian Bell reports for 9to5Mac that despite reports that Apple had scrapped its plans to bring the Smart Connector to the iPhone this year, photos purporting to show the iPhone 7 Plus indicate suggest that the device could still get the Smart Connector. New photos that supposedly show the iPhone 7 Plus show cutouts for the Smart Connector, which was introduced with the iPad Pro and could open the door to new iPhone accessories. For instance, the pins would enable manufacturers to create battery cases that don’t need access to the Lightning Port.

A recently published patent application discovered by Patently Apple reveals that Apple is exploring a way to hide a Smart Connector under a “self-healing elastomer” on the back of the iPhone. The publication notes that “at the time that this invention was conceived, the iPad Pro hadn’t been introduced into the market yet. So it would appear that Apple’s engineers were already thinking of extending the Smart Connector to other devices over time, and a future version of the iPhone was clearly in mind.” While the iPhone 7 Plus may integrate the Smart Connector, a self-healing layer that would hide the port likely won’t be introduced this year, if at all.

5. A future version of the Apple TV Remote may be equipped with 3D Touch

Source: Apple.com

Apple TV | Source: Apple.com

Accordingly to Patently Apple, a recently published patent application reveals that Apple may add 3D Touch to a future version of the Apple TV remote. Just as it does on the iPhone 6s, 3D Touch on the Apple TV remote would make it easier for users to take advantage of shortcuts to the content and functions they’re looking for. Patently Apple explains, “Imagine tapping on your ABC network App icon and tapping harder to call up a view of the next four shows available or clicking on a movie icon but harder to get a peek and pop of the summary or trailer.”

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