Apple Watch Bands: The 15 Best Affordable Bands

Apple Watch bands

Apple Watch bands | Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Let’s not be naive here. Even if you enjoy the practicality of your Apple Watch, it’s still a fashion accessory. People using third-party Apple Watch bands have 10 times more personalized options for displaying their identity, along with their love of tech.

That’s actually part of Apple Watch’s master plan. Apple is making a giant chunk of its profits from accessories. The biggest moneymaker among them is Apple Watch bands.

So where is the band made just for you? Here are the 15 best Watch bands to save you some window shopping.

1. Horween leather watch strap

Horween Leather Strap

Horween leather strap | Nomad Goods, Inc.

Leather and watch straps go together like, well, leather goes with pretty much any strap. So that’s a reason not to let the ultra-modern tech of the Apple Watch sway humankind from its historical roots. Horween’s leather watch straps are pretty standard. They are available in brown and gray.

2. Casetify personalized Apple Watch band

Screenshot for Casetify Apple Watch Bands

Casetify watch bands | Casetify

Some people’s fashion styles are so unique, no single third-party band can cover it. For them, there’s Casetify personalized Apple Watch bands, which we mentioned previously on our list of the best Apple Watch accessories on the market. For about $50, you can have your own specialized band printed with any image from Facebook or Instagram

3. HyperLink stainless steel band

HyperLink Stainless Steel Band

HyperLink stainless steel band | HyperShop

The other traditional watch band, aside from leather, is steel. The metallic, three-columned binding of HyperLink’s stainless steel band calls back to classic, analog watches in case you’re having difficulty transitioning into the digital era. These are available in colorless and gunmetal black for about $40.

4. Southern Straps NATO strap

Southern Straps NATO Straps

Southern Straps NATO straps | Southern Straps

On the other end of the spectrum, opposite leather and steel, is nylon. The Southern Straps NATO straps might not look as classy as shiny metal or rustic leather, but they can sure take a beating and are easy on your skin. There are lots of different styles to choose from, as well, all for about $25.

5. Burkley padded leather strap

Burkley Padded Leather Strap

Burkley padded leather strap | Burkley

Burkley offers shoppers a line of more rustic leather Apple Watch bands. Its antique coffee padded leather model at about $60 delivers visual appeal with the same durability as other leather straps.

6. TOMS artisan band

TOMS Artisan Band

TOMS artisan band | TOMS

An original design made just for the Apple Watch, this TOMS artisan band features a mesmerizing diamond pattern somewhat reminiscent of Native American styles. Get the woven design, a stainless steel finish, and leather backing for $75.

7. Gorillatronics silicon band

Gorillatronics Silicon Band

Gorillatronics silicon band |

If you’re looking for Apple Watch bands with a little more flexibility, not to mention happier colors, Gorillatronics sells festive silicon bands through Amazon. They’re only about $10 each, making them one of the most affordable Apple Watch bands on the market.

8. Lowry leather cuff watch band

Lowry Leather Cuff Watch Band

Lowry leather cuff watch band | Pad & Quill

Not all leather lovers have the same taste, so Lowry provides Apple Watch bands with a leather cuff. This frames the watch face nicely and feels good on your wrist. They are handmade at about $130.

9. Lux Woods Apple Watch wooden band

Lux Woods Apple Watch Wooden Band

Lux Woods Apple Watch wooden band | Lux Woods

Wooden watches are a new trend, and we even recommended them as a great anniversary gift for him. Just because your Apple Watch is the pinnacle of technology doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this “new old-fashioned” trend. This Chanate band goes for about $60.

10. EloBeth silicon sports band

EloBeth Silicon Sports Band

EloBeth silicon sports band |

Another silicon band, EloBeth presents something more focused on style and appearance, with the compelling three-column-hole designs running throughout the band. Take a look at the Amazon page to see the various color schemes, and find the one right for you. All sell for about $17.

11. Ullu designer leather Apple Watch band

Ullu Designer Leather Apple Watch Bands

Ullu designer leather Apple Watch bands | Ullu

If price is no concern and you want to invest in premium leather from around the world, Ullu sells specialty Apple Watch bands for distinguishing customers. Choose from premium leather ($100), ostrich leather ($250), stingray leather ($250), or alligator leather ($400). Each is hand-colored with designs from across the rainbow.

12. ACTIVE Strap


ACTIVE Strap | Native Union

Native Union brings you a band especially for sports and general activewear, but it’s easy enough on the eyes to wear everywhere else. For $100, the ACTIVE Strap features sweat-proof leather and water-resistant rubber, with a gripping inner lining.

13. Olixar stainless steel strap

Olixar Stainless Steel Strap

Olixar stainless steel strap | Olixar

Olixar revives the classic mesh-like steel design and makes it available for the Apple Watch. Flexible and elegant, this is a great choice for mixing new watch technology with timeless watch tradition.

14. Alternative Watchband casual leather

Alternative Watchband Casual Leather

Alternative Watchband casual leather | Alternative Watchband

If you’re looking for alternative-style Apple Watch bands, no brand delivers like Alternative Watchband. Its casual leather model offers a stylish asymmetrical cuff off to the side, giving it a more fashionable look. It’s available in brown, blue, and red for $64.

15. Click Apple Watch band adapter

Product photo for Click Apple Watch Band Adapter

Click Apple Watch band adapter | SEVENSIXTEEN

Mentioned on our list of Apple Watch accessories that don’t cost a fortune, the Click adapter allows you to use any standard 22-mm watch band with the Apple Watch, opening up a world of personalization options. Both the aluminum and stainless steel adapters cost about $20, with finish options including gold, rose, and metallic.