Apple’s First Update to iOS 9 Fixes These 4 Problems

iOS 9 update


iOS 9, Apple’s major new release of the operating system for iPhone and iPad, has already gotten an update to fix some bugs discovered in the OS. Here are the issues that the update fixes — a list that should be especially reassuring to users who were waiting to install the operating system until initial bugs were squashed, users who have encountered issues with the operating system, and those who have even been prevented from setting it up altogether by an annoying bug.

1. Users couldn’t complete the setup of iOS 9

According to Apple’s support page on the release, iOS 9.0.1 fixes an issue where some users couldn’t complete the setup assistant after downloading and installing iOS 9. Of all of the bugs that affected iOS 9, and were fixed by iOS 9.0.1, this one is the biggest. It prevented many users from updating their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. Once iOS 9 downloaded, the bug would cause the device to freeze upon prompting the user to “Slide to Upgrade.”

Amit Chowdhry reports for Forbes that for users affected by the bug, Apple suggested performing a forced restart and then restoring the device from iTunes. Through iTunes, users would need to either restore the device from a backup, or make a backup of the device and then restore it from that backup. But for some users, the “Slide to Upgrade” screen still appeared even after completing those steps. For them, Apple suggested another hard reset, then a device restore, and a factory reset as an alternative.

After the release of iOS 9.0.1, Apple updated its support page for those dealing with the “Slide to Upgrade” issue to instruct users to complete a hard reset, connect their devices to iTunes, and choose the “Update” option. After the restore is completed, then they can complete the onscreen steps to finish setup of the device.

2. Timers and alarms could fail to play

Some users reported issues with alarms and timers failing to sound, and iOS 9.0.1 should fix those issues. (No more wondering whether you can depend on your newly-updated iPhone to reliably wake you up in time for work or let you know when that casserole needs to come out of your oven.)

3. Pausing videos in Safari or Photos could distort frames

Some users who updated their devices to iOS 9 reported that when they paused videos, either in Apple’s Safari mobile browser or in the Photos app, they noticed distorted frames in their videos. IOS 9.0.1 should fix that annoyance and keep frames from distorting.

4. Users with a custom APN setup would lose cellular data

Some users with a custom APN setup — a setup in which the user edits the Access Point Name (APN) that defines the network path for all cellular data connectivity on the iPhone or iPad — reported problems with losing cellular data in iOS 9. The updated version of iOS 9 should fix the issue for those users.

In the week since iOS 9 launched, Apple reports that 50% of iOS devices are running the latest version of the mobile operating system. That’s the fastest adoption rate that any of Apple’s releases have seen. Many have noted that with the quick release of iOS 9.0.1, Apple seems to be addressing bugs more quickly than it did in iOS 8. Alicia Marie Tan reports for Mashable, however, that iOS 9.0.1 doesn’t fix a security loophole in which you can get around the iPhone’s passcode by activating Siri to get to the clock app, and in some cases, access contacts and photos without entering the correct passcode.

You can upgrade your phone to iOS 9.0.1 with an over-the-air update by opening the Settings app, tapping General, and choosing Software Update, or by updating via iTunes. The size of the download will vary based on which device you’re using, but releases so far have been much more manageable sizes than they were with iOS 8.

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