Are You Paying Too Much for Your Hair Cut?

How much do you think this man spent on his hair cut?

How much do you think this man spent on his hair cut? |

You probably think getting a cut is just another tedious chore to add to your to-do list. However, when done well, it’s something worth doing — and paying for. But, how do you know if what you’re paying is actually worth it? You may think there’s no great way to tell, but in fact there may be. By weighing your options and considering what it is you really want from a cut and hairstyle, you may be able to determine how much a hair cut is worth to you.

According to data compiled from the mobile payment company Square, as shown in a U.S. World News & Report article, the average hair cut for men costs $28 nationwide, while the national average for women is just a little less than double, at $44.Keep this in mind too: That’s just the national average. If you visit a top stylist in NYC, in can run you upwards of $800.

That said, what you pay for your hair cut all depends on what you’re willing to spend to get the look you want. And unfortunately, a pricey hair cut doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a fantastic cut, although it should equate to a stylist weaving strands of gold to your head if you’re paying upwards of $500 for one. Here are a few things to think about when evaluating if how much you pay for your hair cut is worth it.

Consider what you’re looking for

A man getting a hair cut

A man getting a hair cut |

Your hair type may determine what kind of cut you’re actually looking for. If you’re a guy with a full head of hair and you’re looking for a slightly complicated style, you’re probably better off going to a hair stylist who you can sit and consult with about what you want. Going to a stylist is more of a collaborative effort, and as a result, will run you a little more money. If you’re a man with balding or thinning hair and you’re trying to minimize your bald look, again, going to hair stylist is the best option.

If you’re a guy who goes for a simple buzz or a very typical, easy hair cut, then you might opt for a barber who works quickly. Barbers prioritize speed and convenience, allowing them to charge less. Something incredibly simple is just not going to cost you as much, especially if your particular ‘do is easy to accomplish.

Consider your salary

Man receiving check

Man receiving check |

When thinking about how much you’re willing to spend on your cut, consider how often you’ll have to go for a touch-up. It’s best to go with what you can afford, or consider leaving your hair alone for longer and playing around with style products to extend the life of your ‘do.

Consider if they provide anything extra

Bearded man in a barber shop

A man getting a hair cut |

The reason for the cost disparity often boils down to whether you go to a barber (which is cheaper) or you go to a salon that provides you with a full service, which often includes a wash, cut, and blow dry. With salons, they don’t just offer a service but an entire experience. High-end salons may leave you with something that looks like a work of art. Some even provide drinks, like coffee and cappuccinos, to sip on while you get your hair cut. It may come down to if you’re just looking for a simple cut, or whether you’re looking for a full experience.

At the end of the day if you’re satisfied with your current cut, then you’re paying just the right amount. If you’re on the fence with your barber or style, consider asking a friend for a referral or try out a different stylist until you find the perfect fit. Hair is, of course, incredibly noticeable and is one of those defining features that not only frames your face but expresses who are you — so don’t forget about that in your quest for the perfect combination of quality and price.