2 Areas That Most Men Groom the Wrong Way

Many men groom these areas the wrong way

Many men groom these areas the wrong way | iStock.com

Since good grooming habits are a necessity, there’s no excuse for skipping a hair cut here and there, letting your beard grow wild without a proper trim, or forgetting to casually pluck your unibrow. It just so happens that the rules of grooming go double for trimming your ear and nose hair. There is no excuse for having curlies or tufts of stray hair protruding out of those orifices. Here are the most common mistakes in that department and how to avoid them.

1. You deny that it exists

Guys, you do not have permission to ignore your ear and nose hair. Yes, every man has ear and nose hair; it actually serves a biological function: It protects you from numerous airborne pathogens by creating a barrier between you and the outside world. So, you need it, but you don’t need it to be sticking out in tufts like a 90-year-old man. If you’re tall, be extra cautious about nose hair, and if you’re short, ear hair — inside your ears and on your lobes — is more of a concern. Keep both areas clean to be safe.

2. You reach for the tweezers

Stop! Plucking ear or nose hairs is a great way to get an infection. Also, if you haven’t cleaned your tweezers, or — the horror — you’ve borrowed someone else’s, you’re opening yourself up to an infection. Removing nose hair is a gross job to begin with; don’t make it worse. Instead, invest in an electric trimmer that is specifically designed for the task. The Panasonic Nose, Ear, and Hair Trimmer is one option for snipping those wild nose hairs, and the Philips Norelco NT9119/60 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer is a similar option. These trimmers will also allow you to gently cut away the hair that is growing at the entrance of your ear canal. Ear bush be gone.

If you’re pressed for time, and you spot some hairs poking out of your ears or nose — don’t ignore it because, trust us, people will notice — and getting out the trimmer is not an option; use a pair of small grooming scissors. Make sure they have a rounded tip to remove the obvious culprits. To properly reach your nasal hair, tilt your head back or to the side and trim directly what’s in front of you to avoid nicks and cuts inside your nose that can potentially become infected. Don’t go digging. We repeat: Do not go digging around blindly.

3. You don’t think about location

man plucking his nasal hairs

A man plucking his nose hairs | iStock.com

Do you ever notice how stray hairs always appear at the worst possible time? Like when you’re about to go into an important meeting where everyone’s eyes are on you or just as you’re about to kiss someone. That’s because your bathroom lighting isn’t telling you the truth. Make sure you’re examining the situation in a natural or super-bright light. Ideally, and if you can handle it, use a magnifying mirror as you trim to ensure that you’re getting all those strays.

4. You don’t think about your outer ear hair

So we’ve got your nose and inner ear covered, but for you lucky few gentleman — you also have some outer ear hair. The hair that grows along the edges outside your ears can actually be trickier than inner ear hair. Using a conventional razor, especially one with multiple blades, can be tough because it likely leads to cuts, nicks, and irritation. Some might use tweezers, but not only is it difficult to see what you’re plucking, you also run the risk of pricking your skin. Ideally, a pair of nose scissors should do the trick. Another option: using the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 3-in-1 Styler, which you can gently run around the edge of your ears. Be sure to have a good look at what you’re trimming to prevent any irritation by going over the same spot too many times.