Common Areas Many Men Forget to Groom

It’s very often the smallest things make the biggest difference, and such is certainly the case when it comes to grooming habits. While a solid hairstyle and a finely presented shave do form the backbone of your signature look, these things alone do not guarantee an A-plus showing.

So whether you’re suiting up for your next boardroom meeting, heading out to the big game, or pining for that special someone, check the box on this grooming list, inspired by Esquire, before dressing to impress. The devil’s in the details, after all.

1. Eyebrows

Man removing eyebrow hairs with tweezing, grooming

Big, bushy eye brows are definitely in style, but they should still look groomed. |

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but your eyebrows are the frames to those windows. Well-groomed brows can have a transformative effect for your face, drawing more attention to your piercing baby blues. If a total brow shaping is not your thing, then at the very least, watch for the stray hairs that run wild. Sharp, small scissors will instantly remedy the problem or just tweeze out the rogue offenders.

2. Cheeks

a man shaving

You may have some stray whiskers chilling on your cheeks. |

Speaking of rogue hairs, the bearded gentlemen should pay special care to the wandering stubble that can creep up the cheeks and compromise your otherwise well-groomed goatee. Keep an eye on any stray hairs and shave them away every few days to ensure your beard is looking its best. And while you’re at it, follow up that shave with a light moisturizer to keep your cheeks from becoming dry and chapped.

3. Nose

Young man checking the skin on his face

Nose hair? No thank you. |

You must get nosy when it comes your nasal cavity. Visible nose hair is never a good look and is a sure giveaway that you’re an amateur when it comes to polished grooming practices. Graduate to the pros by purchasing a nose hair trimmer the minute you see a stray hair. You can even buy that trimmer online, if you don’t want to be spotted in the store with one in your cart.

4. Lips


It’s important to take care of your lips. |

No matter the season, your lips are subjected to the elements — from the sun and the wind to the cold-weather temps. Protect your pout by religiously applying lip balm, preferably one with a touch of sunscreen, during the day. Coconut oil can also be a remarkably moisturizing, all-natural solution for nighttime use to remedy dry, cracked, and chapped lips and achieve perfectly kissable status.

5. Teeth

a smiling man

Bad teeth are a huge turn-off. |

There’s nothing quite as subtly distracting as a discolored or yellow smile. Make sure your pearly whites are shining brightly with a whitening treatment that will negate one too many coffees and red wines. Over-the-counter whitening systems, such as trays, gels, and whitening strips, do a decent job of lifting stains, but you may want to also explore professional whitening services through your dentist for extra-tough stains. Your smile will thank you, and you’ll also give your face an instantly vibrant, youthful lift.

6. Hands and feet

Man using lotion

Keep your hands and feet well-groomed and moisturized. |

If you think manicures and pedicures are strictly for the girls, it’s time to reconsider a trip to the local nail salon. Clean, tidy fingernails are an instant indicator of good hygiene and will take that strong handshake to the next level. And, if you’re even considering wearing sandals or going barefoot around a significant other, please pay attention to the toes. Scraggly toenails and callused feet are a huge turnoff. If you cannot fathom sitting for a professional mani and pedi, then invest in a DIY at-home kit that includes clippers, a nail file, cuticle cream, a pumice stone, and foot lotion.

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